Confessions of a Gamer's Girlfriend: My Afternoon with Halo: Reach

Jess, a contributor to Volatile Mode, discusses her newfound perspective on parting-Bungie's famous franchise.

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kaveti66162377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Why is the term "Confession of a..." almost always used by women, and so frequently?

Can women be a little bit more creative when they write articles? Men are accused of being gore-crazy, violence-loving action-junkies, but is that any worse than women who always refer to their articles as "confessions"?

Why do you think people will care that you were at your boyfriend's house and decided to see what all the hubbub was about with video games? Would anybody care if your boyfriend decided to put polish on his toenails to see what all the hubbub was about with feminine grooming habits?

This is not a revelatory opinion piece. In fact, I think this is the fourth one I've seen on N4G. Congratulations, you were born with a uterus and a vagina. Touching a game controller and deriving entertainment from pushing buttons does not merit the writing of an article. Christ, you think it's men who are pushing women down, but really I think women see themselves as being different enough from men as it is that anything they do that might be construed as masculine demands a "confession."

"Today I rode a motorcycle. Time to write, 'Confessions of a Motorcycle Chick.'"

"Today I lifted a box. 'Confessions of a Weightlifting Woman.'"

Get over yourself. Stop finding your behavior interesting simply on account of your gender.

8BitBrian2377d ago

people with a foot fetish might care.