Sonic RPG named?

A recent US Patent filed by SEGA has lead to speculation that the upcoming BioWare developed Sonic RPG for Nintendo DS is to be titled Sonic Chronicles.

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fiercescuba3967d ago

Sonic RPG = terrible idea.

Bill Gates3967d ago

Tell me more Sega. It's usually the things that make no sense at first that tend to be the runaway success stories.

Marceles3967d ago

Same thing they said about Super Mario RPG and that game turned out to be classic. The only thing is that if Sega doesn't have Square Enix helping them then uh...I'm not sure how it'll turn out. Maybe they'll make it like Phantasy Star, they just need to get rid of how cheesy the Sonic series has become after Sonic Adventure.

mintaro3967d ago

who knows, it could turn out to be a pretty decent game

freakyzeeky3967d ago

Super Sonic RPG: Legend of the Seven Rings


i was always on sonic side when the battles was heated with mario . but both sonic and mario can go fly a kite now. and if your 30 and still into mario take a good look at yourself

YoungKingDoran3967d ago

oh yeah...
cause we wouldn't want to have fun playing great games like mario,
we all worry about what people think of us,
lest we seem "un-adulty" to people like SSCOOLCHEA

TwissT3967d ago

Interesting... I just hope Sega gets some help, in developing the game.