Does Call of Duty Have a Future?

BNBGAMING's weekly Friday Roundtable discusses the future of the Call of Duty franchise:

"But with analysts revealing Modern Warfare 3‘s slowing overall sales, has the series’ heyday been and gone? And even if the financial lag is a temporary glitch, are we, the people who play and discuss these games, finally bored of the formula, and can 2012′s inevitable instalment match 2011′s? If Call of Duty is to continue, what must it do to keep fans interested, and how can it compete with new, updated competitors like Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Halo?"

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NastyLeftHook02433d ago

not in my home, never has after cod mw1

Gaming1012433d ago

To say that CoD has "slowed in sales" os nonsense, every game slows in sales 7 months after it's released, and it broke every sales record for every other CoD game, look up worldwide figures and tell me the series is in trouble just because your deluded hater self wants it to be.

DrPepper2432d ago

he never said sales slowed nor did he say the series was in trouble. he said COD doesn't have a place in his home. stop crying

Gaming1012432d ago

@ shit head ^
It's what the article said... you probably can't read past a second grade level so I'll give you a pass.

ape0072433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

imho after the old IW team left, the game just went downhell, MW2 was the last true call of duty game, BO was nice but no as good as mw2 or CoD4, MW3 was a total disappointment, worst maps ever, gfx are worse than mw2 it doesn't feel like CoD, sure it plays the same but it feels lifeless, bland and uninspired

as a die hard fan I can say......R.I.P Call Of Duty(the true call of duty)

ritsuka6662433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

MW2 was the last true call of "

Dude this comments is getting old...the reason people hate on COD is because they are either bad at it, they are BF die hard or the flaws in the game are enough of a pain for them not to like the COD franchise.

Kahvipannu2433d ago

No, people hate it becouse it has had terrible affect in the industry. Publishers want own "CoD"'s and it affects the games that come out, Activision is making money with consumers who don't care, they are milking with a content that a modding team could do, and which is obviously broken every time, that's good message to the industry, eh?

Also Acitivision is pretty much sayed "F*** you" to the whole PC-community with laughable releases, last drop was forcing down only good servers that CoD had (MW2 ones) becouse they don't want people to play the game they want, they want you to buy theyr broken new game and giving excuse of piracy, which had nothing to do with it.

Really, the list just goes on. It's true that popular franchises get hate just bacouse they are popular, and don't usually deserve it, like Halo, which obviously doesn't deserve it. But believe me, CoD deserves every single bit of hate it is getting, not becouse some people don't like how the game plays, but becouse a ton load of other reasons.

ape0072432d ago

dude that's my opinion, i ain't no hater,CoD 4 and mw2 were two of my favorite games ever

xflo3602433d ago

Fact is cod has a future for at least the next 5-10 years simply because its not goin to go from 10million + sales with each outing to 0 sales in a small space of time.

Kaneda2433d ago

For investors, less than 10 mil is consider failure. They want more not less.

Kahvipannu2433d ago

Don't know.. At this rate, year or two would propably kill it if they will keep selling the same game again and again. Look what happened to music-games like GH, they sold millions of copies, and bam, suddenly no-one bought them anymore, and the "genre" died as fast it was born. Activision milked that too to the level no-body cared anymore.

For PC, the CoD is pretty much dead, or going to, and Activision is the reason to blame for that. To be honest, I would rather play it on consoles, if I would have to, and that tells a lot.

2433d ago
GraveLord2433d ago

Is the Sky blue?

(BTW MW3 sales are already ahead of Black Ops.)

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