God Of War Ascension Prequel, Sequel, or Modern?

GamerFitNation's BlackBible writes about the new God of War Ascension. He asks, where does this Ascension take us as far as story? He also gives his thoughts and concerns for the title as well as remains you about the concept of a Modern God Of War title. This article does content some spoilers in the series and should be read at your own risk.

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BLACKBIBLE2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Yeah, when I got near the end of writing this someone told me it was confirmed. So I slightly changed the directions of the article to keep to it's point.

There is a question that remains for me which is, whatever happen to the Modern GOW Title?

SPARDA_4262136d ago

For all we know the game could take place in the past and end up in the future.

b163o12136d ago


It's a New God of War game, can't complain @all

Hisiru2136d ago

I don't care, really. All I want is a new god of war for my PS3 + God of War 4 in development for PS4 (maybe Read at Down can make some spin off for the Vita).

Also, I want Santa Monica to develop a new IP, a new powerful character like Kratos :)

pixelsword2135d ago

A prequel can be a sequel as long as it ties up loose ends in earlier games like MGS3 and the show Star Trek Enterprise did.

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rjdofu2136d ago

I thought it's obvious?

smashcrashbash2136d ago

Wouldn't that be kind of weird for Kratos to be in the future? Would be completely out of place?

BLACKBIBLE2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

No, If you read my article you'll see I've included the secret video that suggested just that. There's a video that suggest a Modern GOW with a new hero, but the Developers never said anything more on the idea. It's an official video that's found in GOW1

smashcrashbash2136d ago

Oh, okay. I had no idea. I suppose done right it would be an interesting idea. But what would it be? A modern person thrown back to ancient times? A modern person fighting monsters in our time? Or a modern person fighting modern Gods and monsters? That last one could be cool. Imagine a giant machine Titan or a God of industry or monsters armed with modern weapons. A laser mounted Cerberus would be awesome.

sikbeta2136d ago

Kratos with guns brah! XP

But one of the unlockables cutscenes of the First GOW could be awesome as a game

house2136d ago

i would be cool if drake would go in there and discover the "hidden secrets"

NastyLeftHook02136d ago

whatever it is im buying it, there games are sooo sick!

THC CELL2136d ago

One of the developers stated on twitter we have seen nothing yet

BitbyDeath2136d ago

Think you tagged the wrong game mate. lol

Ontopic: If it were a sequel/modern it'd likely have a 4 at the end so i'm leaning towards prequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.