Famitsu Announcing Capcom "Unexpected Title" Next Week

Gamedemption writes - Seems that next week issue of Famitsu will be revealing a new title by Capcom.

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zielocz3k2226d ago

i want Dino Crisis 4, a direct sequel to DC2

waltyftm2226d ago

That would be sweet, so would Power stone 3 and a new Dark stalkers, while we guessing how about Onimusha 4 or a Rival schools update :)

BlueTemplar2226d ago

Hear, hear - maybe then we can all forget that Dino Crisis 3 ever happened, one of the most disappointing (and outright terrible) games i ever had the misfortune to spend £40 on

fei-hung2226d ago

I peed myself laffing lol bubbles bubbles!!! Give the man some bubbles!!!

mt2225d ago

that is a wild dream =)

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Frankfurt2226d ago

More games where you have to pay to see the true ending! Yay!

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The story is too old to be commented.