Fatal Frame II Remake Gets European Trailer

Soon, Tecmo Koei will scare a whole new generation of gamers when they release the remake of Fatal Frame II, known as "Project Zero 2: Wii Edition" in Europe

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ThePsychoGamer2064d ago

That was quick, Nintendo must not been able to get the world publishing rights to this on (And thank god for that). I'm sure some publisher will bring this to the US.

jc485732064d ago

for the love of god, bring out Grasshopper's Fatal Frame too right before WiiU is released. Who cares about the glitches.

Venox20082064d ago

ya, I would like that too.. great game and glitches could be fixed, because there are not many

ScubaSteve12064d ago

this better come state side NINTENDO

theeg2064d ago

play it on pc in 1080p, free if you own the original, just download pcsx2 and pop the disc in your drive!

Venox20082064d ago

this is a remake of 2nd, with new features, modes and endings

theeg2064d ago

it will loook worse than what it looks like on pc, and cost $40, I'M not rebuying shit i already bought, espeacially if it looks worse than what i can play for free on pc!

PygmelionHunter2064d ago

This is exactly what my Wii needs heh heh...

TheModernKamikaze2064d ago

I watch psychedelicsnake's walkthrough on this.. Its funny when he's scared.