Spec Ops The Line’s Multiplayer Falls A Little Flat?

T-Hill writes: I want to start off by being very clear I’m a huge fan of Spec Ops The Line and this is coming from a gamer who doesn’t really care for military shooters. With that out of the way the latest MP game play videos were shown and almost instantly my head started to hang very low.

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Emilio_Estevez2433d ago

This one looks good, never played the others.

TheSuperior 2433d ago

Im a bit ify on a game like this trying to promote multiplayer because i dont think it will have a solid fan base. not saying the games are at all alike but that exactly where games like homefront went so wrong. spend more time on developing a game people will love rather than throw another military multiplayer game at us.

Dante1122433d ago

It won't have a fanbase with Tom Clancy's Future Soldier game coming out in May. It's likely gonna take most of Spec Op sales away.

kevinsheeks2433d ago

Saw the video for future solider and lost any interest for current army games lol