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Operation Raccoon City breaks 1 million sales?

Slant Six and Capcom should be rubbing their hands with joy as their recently released Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City has likely hit a benchmark many would have thought not possible. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Xbox 360)

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Dante112  +   1094d ago
Lol, looks like Slant Six had the last laugh.
Kurylo3d  +   1094d ago
Its sad... im sure lots of kids bought the game... even though the games not for kids. But who else would be stupid enough to buy it. Its got resident evil in the title.. only reason people bought it.
ATi_Elite  +   1094d ago
1 Million units sold = ea$y ca$h
Most games are made on the super cheap and one million across 3 platforms is easy money for the Publishers and here's how

Most games cost $8 to $24 million to Develop and Advertise. You average B or C level multiplat is $8M while Big budget titles like Killzone 2, Halo Reach, GTAIV go higher than $20m and require over 2m in sales to profit!

Now the Publishers sales each copy of the game to BestBuy, GameStop, Walmart, Target, etc for $15 to $20 bucks a piece.......THEN those stores sale them to consumers for $60!

So you take 1m X $20 = $20m - $8m (Dev cost) = $12m Profit for Capcom!

If Operation Raccoon City does Halo numbers then i'm sure Slant Six will get a Bonus but as of right now they already got paid and now they can say they developed a million unit seller.

This will bode well for the rumors of Slant Six developing Battlefront III!! (Too bad cause i would love to see BFIII on the Frostbite 2)
Bleucrunch  +   1094d ago
How the HELL did that happen??? Am I the only one that though this game was TERRIBLE...worst game I ever rented...I felt like such a fool playing that game...some of you gamers....YA the reason terrible games like this get sequels.
DrPepper  +   1094d ago
worst game i ever rented was scarface: The world is yours.
Bleucrunch  +   1094d ago
lmao yea that was had a lot of potential...I believe that was an activitision title before they blew up and started committing the COD down our throats. Terrible game.
kamanashi  +   1094d ago
I wouldn't say it was terrible. Just not very good. Terrible is like, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing or Daikatana. RE:ORC is just an average third person shooter.
AllroundGamer  +   1094d ago
lol 6 out of those naive 1 million blind gamers disagree with you :D i think almost all of those people never played any game before or are playing only mobile phone games :)))
Bleucrunch  +   1094d ago
now THAT I can agree with Bro....LOL
bunt-custardly  +   1094d ago
1 million isn't the same sort of benchmark it used to be so did Capcom make a profit?
zielocz3k  +   1094d ago
it's a horrible RE game (it's more Socom with Zombies than Resident Evil) but i had fun playing campaign and multiplayer with friends :)
Hicken  +   1094d ago
I feel like it was pretty good at what it was trying to do, but it failed at being what people THOUGHT it would be.
blackburn10  +   1094d ago
Wow, 1 million in sales across two consoles and the PC in over a month? Yeah I am sure they are jumping for joy *rolls eyes*. And I am guessing that doesn't even cover the amount of returns to the stores.
Kurylo3d  +   1094d ago
when a game live devil may cry sells 4 or 5 million in its lifetime.. id ay thats pretty good.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1094d ago
its not bad but unfortunately for capcom the more it sells the more it tarnishes the resident evil name. once that happens all future re game sales will suffer.
bunt-custardly  +   1094d ago
I think most core gamers can discern between a spin off game and the real deal so RE 6 should be unscathed. A lot of people liked the idea of REORC, it was just the execution which let it down.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1094d ago
no doubt the core gamers will know but believe me we are not all that buy resident evil. its been around for over a decade and has several movies and games. people will see it, think quality zombie game, get the game and it will leave a sour taste in their mouths which will effect future sales.

i also agree completely about RC. i thought the concept was great as well but once i seen slant six i knew it was going to be mediocre at best and unplayable at worst.
GraveLord  +   1094d ago
Ms-Xbox World is obsessed with this game. What's up dude? Why?
ShinraE5  +   1094d ago
I would love to see some kind of statistics in regards to how many of those 1 million sold the game back within a week.

I thought the game had promise and decided to give it a buy. I was reminded why rentals are important, and why you need to focus on who is making the game, vice the concepts of the game and early pre-game media such as picturs and videos of gameplay.

Never again slant six, never again...

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