Street Fighter X Tekken dev 'disappointed' in DLC being hacked

Street Fighter X Tekken producer Tomoaki Ayano is disappointed that hackers are already playing with the dozen fighters planned as downloadable content for his game. Speaking with GameSpot, the developer expressed dismay at the hackers' actions but acknowledgement of their skill.

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NukaCola2347d ago

I don't support hacking at all, but in a way Capcom you should known when you rip people off, people just might rip you off.

Kalowest2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

"I don't support hacking at all"
Alot of great programmers/Coders start out as hackers, then they start working for companies like IBM or Microsoft.

cyclonus0072346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I know you're right but it's a little ridiculous. That's like saying a lot of great cops started out as criminals.

Solid_Snake372346d ago

Wow this producer guy is pathetic... What the hell does he expect after ripping countless people off with the dlc?

TheBlackSmoke2346d ago

In this thread...


360GamerFG2346d ago

It's not stealing if its already on the disc you bought

Winter47th2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Hacking is the reason why you can remote-play all your PS3 games on the Vita right now while Sony didn't deliver on their promises.

It's the only retaliation against corporate rip-offs like Scamcom.

They've sold you an unfinished product, it's like buying a car without a windshield or backseats. Don't you realize how FUCKED what they did is and its repercussions not only on consumer trust, but on the industry too.

pixelsword2346d ago

@ cyclonus007:

That's probably why there are not many great cops...

Awesome_Gamer2346d ago

Your crappy DLC deserves to be hacked Ca$hcom

ChrisW2346d ago

"‘surprised’ at the level of skill that these hackers have in being able to unlock the characters in this way."

Please, this has to be a lie! It's hard to believe that Capcom is that ignorant!

People love modding stuff these days, and especially costumes for characters. It was done extensively for Street Fighter III... What did they expect with SFxT???

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mobhit2346d ago

They got what they deserve. Capcom need to go back to their roots and stop screwing their fans over.

Hawkhunter122346d ago

That past Capcom is long dead. Looks like this present Capcom is digging its own grave.

SilverBullet1292346d ago

Sad that the last good game I remember them making was Mega Man Mavorick Hunter X for the PSP. I loved it sooooooooo much since it was just a lot of fun to play and added some much stuff as well as changed others. I was happy that I bought that game.

Oh ya, Another good game they made was RE4 for Wii, that was a lot of fun. Sad that they are pissing fans off everyday now since they used to be one of the best.

InTheZoneAC2346d ago

I'm all for devs/publishers being against hacking, but when the content is already there and someone uses it, that's not hacking...

hkgamer2345d ago

how is that not hacking?

Patriots_Pride2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

CRapcom should have got worst corporation/ company of the year instead of EA.

Edit: On second thought EA is worst but maybe they should share the award.

solidjun52346d ago

I like EA this generation. Yea the online pass sucks and they had some misses but for the most part, they did pretty good.

As for Crapcom, they deserve the WORST company of the year. They are horrible. How do you charge for characters that are locked on the disk and on top of that, some of the characters (see guy, Blanka) were FREE in previous iterations?! (Super Street Fighter 4). It's just pathetic on their part. I don't support hacking but Scamcom deserves this. They screwed over their consumers so karma is a ....well you know what.

geddesmond2346d ago

Game producers disappointed with hackers. Us consumers are disappointed with this disk locked content crap.

T3MPL3TON 2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

"I know you're right but it's a little ridiculous. That's like saying a lot of great cops started out as criminals."

Actually, some of them do.

The FBI is known for hiring reformed convicts. The CIA has more 'criminal' hackers working for them than they even kinda admit.

Ever wonder what ever happen to some of these guys? You think their gonna let a guy who hacks every government site known to man, sit and rot in a prison? That's counter productive.

Capcom, deserved this. They have been screwing over the people who've been supporting them left and right. This will continue until they get the picture. Hackers have all the time in the world and the flimsy DLC security these companies use is laughable. Most can be unlocked with a simple word being changed in the code. You don't want people to hack the stuff? Stop putting it on disc and making it 1000% more easy.

bakasora2345d ago

I 'disappointed' in disc locked content fiasco.

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Majin-vegeta2347d ago

Oh,and you think were not disappointed in you for locking characters that are already on the disk and charging for them that??Lol Scamcom trying to act like the innocent one here.

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badjournalism2347d ago

Hear that sound, Capcom? *crickets* That's the sound of nobody caring.

pixelsword2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

lol now let's all go down to gamestop and steal Racoon City just to piss capcom and gamestop off


ChickeyCantor2347d ago

Hacking is actually with no bad intention.

360GamerFG2347d ago

Cry me a freaking river capcom. You had this coming