UK wants to make CD rips legal

One unique feature of UK copyright law is that ripping songs from a CD isn't allowed. Despite the fact that everyone does it in order to move music to their iPods or computers, the majesty of the law frowns upon the practice (and you don't want the majesty of the law frowning at you from beneath that creepy wig). That could change soon as Lord Triesman, Minister for Intellectual Property, today announced a consultation on IP reform that could make format shifting a legal right.

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mintaro3993d ago

good news, cuz if you buy the cd, shouldnt you be able to do what you want with it?

zonetrooper53993d ago

I live in the UK, heard about the law today and man its so stupid. Who in hell made this law lol, they can't monitor it and people burn CD's to give to their friends.