Borderlands 2 main story is 20 to 30 hours long

GZ writes, "From gameplay to weapons to storyline, Borderlands 2 is going to be massively larger than its predecessor. Gearbox has not been shy in boasting about the amount of expansion and diversity they've added to the upcoming cooperative FPS action game."

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NukaCola2402d ago

Not just a shooter but a FPSRPG with looting elements and great adventures. I really think what made Borderlands such a winner was it's excellent co-op features, amazing art style, and excellent humor. It's nice to have an open world RPG that is faster and more action oriented. Sad the gorgeous RAGE didn't fill that void, but B-Lands 2 is coming!

PooEgg2402d ago

I agree with NukaCola. I don't consider Borderlands to be a shooter, because it has RPG elements and tons of loot. To me it feels more like BioShock and Fallout then it does Call of Duty or Gears of War.

Crap_Turtle2402d ago

the game isnt an rpg........AT ALL

ATi_Elite2402d ago

Now that's pretty good.

We need more FPS/RPG titles!

STALKER and Borderlands are a great way to spend 30 hours+ of quality gaming!

Convas2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Day one, Day one, Day one, (My wallet will know only pain this fall) Day one, Day one, Day one ...

spunnups2402d ago

thats a considerable improvement over having no story at all (borderlands 1)

TruthSeeker2402d ago

Gonna have to agree, i loved Borderlands, fun game, but the story was not anything to write home about.

AngelicIceDiamond2402d ago

20 to 30 hours so it could be around 25 or so this game is gonna sick day 1 for me.

SKUD2402d ago

How much of that is actually on the disc and rest sold as DLC.

PooEgg2402d ago

Did the first Borderland have on disc DLC? I don't recall, so I am curious.

jagstatboy2402d ago

no, it didn't. They released 4 dlc's at different intervals after launch, none of which were on the disk.

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