6 things PS Vita needs to turns its fortunes around

What Sony can do make its handheld irresistible...

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Crap_Turtle2431d ago

it needs exclusives and "Give us the Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls"

are not the ones it needs

NukaCola2431d ago

I would really like a Vita utilized Fallout title. I personally would love to see Fallout 3 rereleased for cheaper on Vita but using the Vita's features like a touchscreen Pipboy and touch VATS, sixaxis shooting, etc.

Snookies122431d ago

That... Would... Be... Amazing!

*drools* Lol, unfortunately I know it wouldn't happen. Bethesda hates Sony it seems. :\ (Based on quite a few accounts)

catfrog2430d ago

using vitas touchscreen for VATS would be awesome, thats a fantastic idea

Snookies122431d ago

It DOES have exclusives, though a lot of people seem to overlook them. Gravity Daze, Uncharted, Unit 13, Ciel no Surge, Ys Celceta, Hot Shots golf, etc. Not to mention the PSN titles that you can download as well.

I would love to hear some more announced however. I can always get behind more exclusive titles. I'm just saying that within the launch window, it's already had a good amount. Just need to hear more announcements soon!

ABizzel12431d ago

Unless they're established IP's, those games don't count in the eyes of the gaming media.

They're ignorance has been around for years. The same thing happened to the PS3 in it's first year, where they said the PS3 had no games yet there was.

Resistance, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, Ridge Racer, F1, MLB and to a lesser extent Genji were all exclusives during the PS3's first year yet there were no games.

360GamerFG2431d ago

Speak for yourself, I may not like EA very much but I do love me some Mass Effect.

HarryMasonHerpderp2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Get a Resident Evil,Metal Gear,Final Fantasy or monster Hunter
game on it and it will sell more.

Jason1432430d ago

Monster Hunter for sure. 3 million first day I bet

Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago

Don't know why you are getting disagrees.

The PS Vita does have pretty good exclusives already, but it needs more.

And you are also right about the vita not needing Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. Yes, it would be good for the Vita to have cross platform capabilities with those games, but it isn't going to sell the system.

Instead how about Mass Effect spin-off, an Elder Scrolls spin-off, and a Souls spin-off. That will sell Vitas.

Crap_Turtle2430d ago

fanboys disagree........they dont get it

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360GamerFG2430d ago

Same people who for the last 8 years have not made money on their tv business or any money at all in the entire as a whole in 4 years? Yeah no, lets not worry.

supremacy2430d ago

Yet they invest more in their games than MS does, evident by the amount of exclusive ips just this year alone on the ps3.

Oh yeah lets worry.

Edward752430d ago

I'm worried.

@supremacy sure they may invest more in games, but they are turning out to not all be good investments. The last bad investment... Reviving twisted metal the way that they did.

I'm worried.

A company that large that makes years and years of bad decisions won't be a large one anymore! I know we care about the gaming aspect....But do you honestly believe that the powers that be at Sony will make decisions based solely on the gaming division? Sure they took a step in the right direction by the new appointments made in the company.

I'm worried.

Any company that branches out on multiple fronts, and only 1 area is making money, and all others are not... Does it really matter about the one good thing in a sea of horrible ones? THE COMPANY IS DOING EPICALLY BAD.

I hope that it won't ever ever come down to the Sony gaming systems. I for one would be hurt if decisions of horrible company leaders stopped me from enjoy Sony gaming. But I am very worried.

Bowzabub2428d ago

LOL, you would think Financial Gamer is a disgruntled Sony investor.. That is if you never seen him/her troll Sony on an hourly basis. Fail.

FragGen2430d ago

Yup. The only thing it needs is time: Enough to build it's software base and for Sony to realize they need to drop mem card prices.

WeskerChildReborned2431d ago

It need's for the Vita to support all PS3 games on Remote Play like Sony said it would

mr_badhand2431d ago

Probably most games (1st party) will have that function moving forward.

And since the ps4 won't utilize the cell I bet all games for it will have remote play.

WeskerChildReborned2431d ago

I heard from someone that in a future firmware update, All PS3 games will be available for remote play. Hopefully it's true.

Rainstorm812431d ago

I agree , if they get PS1 and PS3/PSN game support that would help alot

Moentjers2430d ago

It surely doesn't need this kind of articles.

supremacy2430d ago

Tell me about it, its like they are having a field day with the vita on what its problems are and what can be done.

Hicken2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are one or two people at fifteen different sites, all writing the same damn articles?

Edit: Funny. No, wait. It's not.

There's a fundamental difference between bashing a system and legitimate critique. Most of what's happening to the Vita is simple bashing, just like so much that goes on with many Sony products around here. The same thing is happening with the Wii U.

But I'm certain the 360 never faced this level of criticism. Nor did the 3DS.

mr_badhand2430d ago

I know its hard for you to read articles that don't favor your system of choice.

I usually take it with a grain of salt.

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