Claptrap and Psycho Bandit are first two 'Borderlands' toys coming in May

XMNR: Borderlands has already conquered the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and now they are hitting the action figure floor. NECA and Gearbox Software announced on Friday that the first wave of collectible toys are headed to stores on May 30, 2012.

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NukaCola2433d ago

CLAPTRAP Action Figure is going on my work desk! Next to my glass Agent P that my wife scooped up for me.

wallis2433d ago

These were supposed to come out fuckin' ages ago! Pre-ordered one and the damn thing just never came.

Relientk772433d ago

Maybe the Claptrap toy will dance lol

I like Claptrap, but he can def get annoying when playing Borderlands also lol

VTKC2432d ago

You know. I have seen that Claptrap toy a few years ago. It said that it could say phrases like in the game. I preordered it. But it never came. The website kept pushing the release date back and back. Then i got an email from them saying the toy has been reviewed and will no longer be able to say phrases. I was disapointed and conceled the preorder.