What Crysis 2 Multiplayer Did Right and What Crysis 3 Can Improve Upon

MP1st - "In celebration of Crytek’s recent Crysis 3 announcement, we’re going to take a look back at the multiplayer of Crysis 2 and determine what needs to carry over and what needs to go. Of course, we here at MP1st care about multiplayer and we want to make sure Crytek blows us away with some top-notch Crysis 3 multiplayer."

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BiggCMan2401d ago

Exactly! Crysis 2 was a massive let down in the single player, and just embarrassing in the multiplayer. It was purely a CoD clone. They need to go back to the roots of how Crysis 1 played. Bring back the suits wheel instead of the dumbed down easy access suit powers. Make the suit less stiff like it felt to me in 2. I always felt more free in Crysis 1, I want that back. And MOST importantly, make this game open world, let us explore and find things on our own.

enfestid2400d ago

Can't say I agree. The suit powers were better being more simplistic -- they were quicker to access, and it simply made more sense.

I do agree it needs to be more open, though. The matches were disappointingly small in Crysis 2.

rogimusprime2400d ago

I actually enjoyed Crysis 2 MP. I never played single player more than once. Yes, It did borrow from halo and COD, but it was worth playing for hours on end. I especially liked the fact that you could cloak (take that campers), and that adding umpteen attachments to your weapons affected their mobility - ie..."realism".

BraveToaster2400d ago

Bring back power struggle from Crysis 1. Or you know, you could also somehow make your game worse and have another CoD clone.

ps3rider2400d ago

- No bugs and glitches in trophies.
- Bigger map and at least 12v12
- Vehicles

palaeomerus2400d ago

Semi-durable vehicles hopefully. The ones in Crysis were made of damp toilet paper.

SCW19822400d ago

Have decent hit detection.

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