Crysis 3's Gameplay 'A Spiritual Successor To Crysis 1' - Crytek

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli confirms Crysis 3 will hark back to the original game in the franchise.

Crysis 3 will be "clearly ahead" on the PC over PS3 and Xbox 360, with gameplay more like that in the original Crysis than 2010's Crysis 2, CEO Cevat Yerli has announced on Twitter.

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mynameisEvil2307d ago

Good. I think what everybody wanted in Crysis 2 was just Crysis 1 set in NYC. Nice to see it's being done.

Wizziokid2306d ago

queue the endless articles from crytek about how awesome Crysis 3 will be and how it will be the best looking game ever

StayStatic2306d ago

Crysis 3 is going to be awesome and will look amazing ;D

SKUD2306d ago

I wonder how toned down graphically the PC version will be due to it being released on all 3 platforms.

Bladesfist2306d ago

I don't really care, crysis 2 loked very nice on my PC and ill take any improvement over that no matter how small and be happy.

ninjahunter2306d ago

I hope so, I dont think i would want to waste my money on a crysis 2 expecting a crysis 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.