Famitsu Japanese Hardware and Software Sales From Week 12/31 - 01/06

The new sales numbers for hardware and software have been released from Famitsu.

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mullet3692d ago

Ridiculous DS sales and poor 360 sales, as always.

pwnsause3692d ago

and the PS3 right in the middle, which is good

The Killer3692d ago

not bad!
anyway this is not a surprise

gamesR4fun3692d ago

wow it really is a wii world after all
still ps3 is doing ok and the 360 needs to stay strong in America if it wants to survive.

pwnsause3692d ago

add this in VGcharts and you get about approx. 264,000 PS3 sales this week world wide

HarryEtTubMan3692d ago

get owned bots. The 360 will never win again.

General Pinky3692d ago

Man you sony fanboys like to tell yourself that you just did not waste your money on a big piece off sh***...and the Xbox 360 is not better...but let me tell you...360 is much better and in the UK it is kill the waitstation...hahah..take that

Maddens Raiders3692d ago

how many kids there are in this world, well, until figures like this jog my memory.

dantesparda3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

No, silly rabbit "Tricks" are for kids, not Wii's, LOL, Im just kidding

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The story is too old to be commented.