What's Next For Uncharted?

We've got three solid entries in the main series, plus Golden Abyss, the flagship Vita title so far. Recently, Uncharted's branched out, we've known of a movie that's supposed to come out, but we officially got a novel last year which was a nice surprise, from the reviews it sounds like the series translated to a novel setting well.

But should we have another Uncharted game? If so, this gen?

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NukaCola2401d ago

I don't know. I would like a prequel because I have a ton of questions about what happened after UC2 and before UC3.

GribbleGrunger2401d ago

two follow up games for the Vita

ginsunuva2401d ago

They should've made vita games instead of those comics and books. Eye of Indra could've been its own game.

milohighclub2401d ago

I hope ND don't release another til next gen then release a ps3 version and a ps4 version.

b_one2401d ago

young drake is a nice story... maybe it can somehow meet that chapter in part 3

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The story is too old to be commented.