Bikini idols and Super Monkey Ball? Sure, why not?

Japanator writes: I mean, no one ever said that Super Monkey Ball was supposed to be an entirely family-friendly mascot puzzler. And given that the series was originally conceived by the man behind the Yakuza series, indeed, a level themed around a lady with large knockers may be in keeping with the game's true spirit.

The well-endowed woman in question is pin-up idol Yukie Kawamura, who you may also know as Vampire Girl from Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. She and her 3D-fied bosom will be plastered all over a special "Adult Level" to be included in the first print run of Super Monkey Ball for PlayStation Vita.

Check out a trailer for the new level below. Mostly it consists of Yukie waggling a Vita and making "I'm playing video games" noises, but hey, she's pretty.

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