Opinion: Games for Windows Live is Awful, Microsoft Doesn't Care, and Why it Won't Matter Soon


Since its debut with Shadowrun and Halo 2 in May 2007, Games for Windows Live has done little but create ill will between Microsoft and PC gamers. Despite repeated insistence that it will improve given time, Microsoft's actions have spoken much louder, and crystal clear: it's demonstrated a neglectful attitude and an unwillingness to compete with Steam's dominance. Yet for some reason refuses to simply pull the plug and put GFWL out of its misery, instead inviting developers to integrate it to their games and bogging down great games like Batman: Arkham City with its inferior and annoying system. The good news is that whether Microsoft will admit it or not, by almost all indications GFWL doesn't have much of a future.

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Software_Lover2430d ago

Its not like you cant get the game off of steam. GFWL is great for LIVE enabled games and achievements, but I don't buy games from there because of prices. The system isn't annoying unless you are just looking for it to be annoying. It just sits in the background. It doesn't even run when you're not playing a game, unlike other services that are out there. Could it be better........... HELL YEAH!!!!!! But they are gonna get there, and if they don't then you will get your wish of one less competitor.

TheGameFoxJTV2428d ago

You're getting GFWL mixed up with Games For Windows Marketplace.

Saryk2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Whom ever is over the GFWL should be fired and castrated

GamingPerson2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Xbox LIVE built into Windows 8

NYC_Gamer2430d ago

I hate the service because its buggy as shit/patches for games take months to get approved....

Smashbro292430d ago

I can't even log on. Yeah. Service is ass.

hano2429d ago

Goddamn region locks, and laggy as hell multiplayer, outdated consolized friends' list.

Fuck Capcom, I love their games too much to give up hope they give up this service, and I hope Dark Souls follows.