This unashamedly pervy Lollipop Chainsaw Achievement is one of the easiest you'll ever earn


For Trophy and/or Achievement whores there is nothing sweeter in life than Trophies and/or Achievements that are easy to bag. They are the virtual arbitrary award equivalent to exterminating fish in a barrel using high-explosives and guided-missiles and there is no water in the barrel so the fish are all dead before you've even started but somehow killing them some more still offers a strange sense of satisfaction if you're into that sort of thing.

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Emilio_Estevez2401d ago

That's pretty funny, and they definitely understand their target audience.

EeJLP-2400d ago

This game is so crappy. If anyone's considering buying this, remember, if this is what you're buying the game for, you're on a place called The Internet.. a place where cheerleader upskirts are a dime a dozen (or actually free for thousands / millions). Don't waste your ~$60.

M_Prime2400d ago

you obviously never played a SUDA 51 game or never will in your life.

Your loss man...

Gaming1012400d ago

The people who bought this are the same idiots who bought BMX XXX and that sh*tty girls gone wild game

MaxXAttaxX2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Unlike games like DOA Xtreme, Suda51 games have actual gameplay and believe it or not, upskirts aren't the game's main appeal.

*sigh* ignorance.


No one's "bought this" yet. The game is two months from releasing. And don't compare it with trash like BMX XXX.

Gaming1012400d ago

Correction ^ People who *will buy* or *will have bought*

EeJLP-2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Pretty sure you don't need to physically play a crappy game to see its crappy gameplay and dumb Dynasty Warriors-like 'stand near you making absolutely no attempt to attack you' AI.

Drabent2400d ago

LoLzzz Imao dude thats funny and true~~~

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drosera12400d ago

Moronic comment is moronic comment.

danieldeath2401d ago

Thanks For the arrows , or i wouldn't find the up skirt.

sorceror1712401d ago

Look, I'm hardly immune to female beauty. But I just can't get my around being worked up over polygons.

ziggurcat2400d ago

i'm being sarcastic here, but you do realize that most gamers don't even leave their parents' basement, right?

Wintersun6162400d ago

Such a common mistake to think you are a part of the majority. /jk

M83_2400d ago

I don't really see how its pervy its just fun. I'm gay yet I still find it hard to not look, its just in a guy's nature to do it!:D Don't blame me, blame the sexy game!lol

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The story is too old to be commented.