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Submitted by dirigiblebill 1387d ago | news

Molyneux: "I don't know if I can make another controller game"

"Going back to that very constrained controller, I'm not sure I will want to."

(OXM) (Fable: The Journey, Peter Molyneux, Xbox 360)

dirigiblebill  +   1387d ago
22Cans iOS game confirmed...? He's already said Microsoft's not the publisher, I think.
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Hisiru  +   1387d ago
This guy is a lunatic. He always scares me with the "I AM MAKING THE PERFECT GAME THIS TIME" thing.
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TekoIie  +   1387d ago
Lol Hes was totally being paid by M$ tho to say that:

"I don't know if I can make another controller game"

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BossPerson  +   1387d ago
Yea Peter, Im sure Kinect has so much more possibilities???
BakedGoods  +   1387d ago
Should be more like...
"I don't know if I can play another Molyneux game"
Cryptcuzz  +   1387d ago
Should be more like...
"I don't know if Molyneux exists anymore"

This guy talks more then he makes games.

This guy can never live up to his own words.

Is he a developer or tool for marketing...that is thee question.
The Meerkat  +   1387d ago
All his best games used a mouse.
xruiner89  +   1387d ago
Very true, as soon as he started developing stuff for consoles everything went downhill.
Dlacy13g  +   1387d ago
disagree... Fable was a good first offering... Fable 2 fell short but was solid... Fable 3 was a few steps backwards imo... but the Fable IP is solid and an excellent fantasy setting.
xruiner89  +   1387d ago
Yes that's what i mean, Fable 1 was okay and it went downhill.
ziggurcat  +   1387d ago
so instead of using a controller, he's going to stick with games that are on rails, and then try to argue that they're not on rails...
Crap_Turtle  +   1387d ago
Hes a big a joke as inafune is

And when fable journey bombs out, he will say as he always does

I dont mean it
noxeven  +   1387d ago
please dont make anything ever again that be super thanks
blackburn10  +   1387d ago
Peter should have become a politician.
Rainstorm81  +   1387d ago
Thats funny because I don't know if I can play another Molyneux game
Drekken  +   1387d ago
This guy is a joke.
floetry101  +   1387d ago
Molyneux has gone completely insane. Motion controls are a regressive step in the evolution of gaming. Interactive entertainment uses a controller and a mouse because it's purely precise, more so than anything motion gaming could ever hope to replicate over the next few decades. We are still the controller, so to speak, because we react to certain elements of the game when we need to, especially when they require multiple quick inputs.

There is literally no game on the market that can vouch for being a motion controlled revolution.

If Molyneux wants yet another ride down his developmental slope, I say feel free. Let the true juggernauts of gaming (Ken Levine, Gabe Newell) revolutionize where it matters.
from the beach  +   1387d ago
At this point, now that we have motion control, not using it would actually be a backwards step.

Why? Obviously because it allows games to be created with extra features the 360 and PS3 controllers cannot give - hence extra complexity.

Take the Wiimote as an example. It can do everything dual analog can plus more. As well as tracking movement, depth, shake, twist, it adds pointer control, which the dogs on the street know is faster and more precise than the thumbsticks for aiming.
Baka-akaB  +   1387d ago
We have yet to see a single game add "extra complexity" via motion control .

So far even the best motion controlled games have been just a matter of an alternative control scheme , trying to clone back the precision of pad controls , and at least an added sensation of immersion for those that care .

Sure it could be better for fps , but it hasnt truly shown to be so far , for any game with a choice (like move titles) , nor using it most times in a special and groundbreaking way with the wiimmote .

It even took a second zelda to finally have more than pre determined waggling motion with the same end result as a button press .

The best example yet seems to be Metroid prime 3 ... a far too rare good use of motion , and a game quite lonely at that top
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from the beach  +   1387d ago
Anything on Wii that uses the controls I mentioned above is adding features, adding complexity, that would be otherwise impossible.

So rather than a single game, try every single game, lol.

As for FPS, pointer has basically the same advantage over dual analog that mouse control does - if this hasn't been truly shown yet then it's only a matter of time.
Redempteur  +   1387d ago
Things from the wii add some features that are at most gimmicks and generally pointless.

And one things they do NOT add is complexity

All the popular wii motion based games are anything but adding complexity to controls , they do the opposite by simplifying every move that could be complex or not in other gens.

@from the beach
If Fps gained aiming precision with wiimote for example they lost A LOT In terms of movement in space...that's why many only do on rail shooters ( even if exceptions exist )

Never i'll be able to do the quick actions of a quake 2/3 with a wiimote..
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from the beach  +   1386d ago
How about a simple sword swing - using motion control it tracks your angle, speed and power, compared to a button press that initiates an animation. Imagine Skyrim using Wii controls..

And again, what is with people saying "if" pointer is better - it IS better! An analog stick can still handle movement, until a better solution comes along for that as well. And don't be hating on rail shooters, the level of precision required for arcade light gun games has always been far greater than FPS.
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kreate  +   1387d ago
Time for him to retire.
from the beach  +   1387d ago
They should have asked him to specify what he means by a controller - I mean, is he going to start making games that you literally have no control over?!
Tai_Kaliso  +   1387d ago
This is why I think he was pushed out a bit from Microsoft. I know Microsoft loves Kinect, but this guy seems to be madly in love with it.

I'm a huge Kinect fan, but you have to offer both forms of control to gamers. Let them decide for the most part, I like the guy and I love the Fable series but it looks like he is trying to go too far out for me.

I knew he was headed in this direction when he said he hoped to have his first 22 Cans game out this year, only a mobile game could be developed for so quickly.
Boody-Bandit  +   1387d ago
Nobody in the industry talks so much for having accomplished so little this generation. Why does the media keeps giving this washed up a fool a podium to spew his ignorance?

Peter (AKA Wizard of Oz), click your heels together 3 times and GO AWAY!
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1387d ago
CORRECTION: "i dont know if i can make another "GOOD" game"
spirited  +   1387d ago
One day he will commit suicide leaving behind a note with such depressing quotes.

and im waiting for that day. lol
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munish23  +   1387d ago
Wow, what is wrong with you? You get enjoyment out of people committing suicide?
KingItachi  +   1387d ago
We really hope you don't make another Peter.
Games4M - Rob  +   1387d ago
This guy needs to pull his head out of his own arse.
GamingPerson  +   1387d ago
black and white for pc please!
Reaper9937  +   1387d ago
Peter, just shut the F@ck up.
Baka-akaB  +   1387d ago
At least i know i have no reason to even try his future games then
RustedMan  +   1387d ago
Jesus people...

If you ignore the guy, and play his games, you'll find quite a bit to like about them.

Fable 1 was fantastic, the second one was still really damned fun, and one of the most atmospheric games I've played in a awhile, and third one I've yet to play.

Why do people hate this guy so damned much? I mean, literally, it's not just a "general dislike" or "He's average in what he creates" or "I'm not a fan" it's literally a seething hatred for a person.

what did this guy do to your families to warrant such backlash?
rick5292  +   1387d ago
I agree buddy. We must look to Jesus on this one...
munish23  +   1387d ago
I don't understand the hate from people. This guy gets excited making games, so he my say a lot of things. I loved the first two Fable games, and I was not a fan of the third (I'd recommend not playing it), he can make good games.
We have some idiot a few posts up who says he can't wait for Peter to commit suicide, what is wrong with people nowadays?
TheDivine  +   1386d ago
Peter i love your passion, ambition, great ideas and the like but you need to wake up. New creative stuff is awesome but sometimes the tech isnt ready and sometimes it doesnt translate well into gameplay. Im sure kinect version 2 will be able to do really cool stuff but right now it wouldve been better add kinect function on top of a good control scheme. I love fable alot, its one of my favorite franchises but you went the wrong way. I love the world, humor, gestures, the dog, leading npc's, the whole morphing and spell mixing but you focused on too many ideas and didnt perfect any of them. The world map in 3 is a great example. Its a brilliant idea but wound up slow and a pain in the ass to use. Make a bigger fable, open world with no loading so i dont wind having a few areas like fable 3. I kept wanting to explore around a city but after i left the gate i went to another city. I want to explore and get lost. Add in more story and make the changes to the world drastic. Add in many guilds, more quests, more magic, keep leveling and menus, more demon doors, armour, bows, crossbows, swords, hammers, axes, guns, spears, more sim elements, these are fable needs. Make the king feature a real feature and fleshed out. Stuff like Aurora and the Spire were awesome and the highlight of 3 and 2, make more stuff like that.

Even with the many flaws all 3 are among the best games ive played but the potential is there for so much more.
catfrog  +   1386d ago
talk about a guy going from making good games to horrible games.

this guy used to make good games, then microsoft happened, the rest of the industry should take a good look at this guy, hes exactly what people shouldnt be doing.
edonus   1386d ago | Spam
Stansolo  +   1386d ago
"Well I won't be buying your games then"

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