Worldwide Weekly Hardware, Week Ending 14th Apr 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

3DS - 174,341
PS3 - 163,783
360 - 132,959
Wii - 71,227
PSV - 65,566
PSP - 31,364
DS - 28,076

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360GamerFG2429d ago

Wow, VITA, soon you'll be selling less than the psp worldwide.
Also, I cannot believe 430K people bought Star Wars Kinect plus 179k people bought a new Kinect.

GribbleGrunger2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

so, when it's WW numbers it's all about how Vita is failing, and when it's American numbers it's all about how the 360 is hammering the PS3...


@Moncole: agreed, it's not doing very well at the moment but let's give it the same amount of time the 3DS has had and then see how things are

silvacrest2429d ago

people seem to forget how badly the 3DS was doing within the same time frame

sack_boi2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

People seem to forget that the 3DS has Nintendo 1st party software and had a massive price drop.
The Vita could drop the price, sure, but I don't see any game (Pokemon, Mario, Mon Hun-exclusive-, etc.) that could save it right now.

Aggesan2429d ago

@sack_boi: I bet a Call of Duty and a Monster Hunter could give it a big boost in sales. A Monster Hunter game has been strongly hinted at, and Call of Duty is a given.

2429d ago
darthv722429d ago

closer. I cant even begin to imagine the day it is reported that the ps3 is 1 unit ahead of the 360 in overall sales numbers.

Bottom line is both platforms have done a great job in entertaining gamers this gen. Vita will hit its stride when gamers see the quality of games increase for it while at the same time a decrease in quality titles for the psp.

It is a natural progression.

mr_badhand2429d ago

So when its American and UK sales its all about how America and UK isn't the world.

I love how everyone contributes 3ds success to its price cut but think the Vita doesn't need it because people applauded the price at E3. Obviously the average consumer was not at E3.

Funny too, people celebrate the ps3 outselling the 360 even with the 360's headstart but none of those people bring up their many price cuts and different versions of the ps3. Unlike the 3ds.

Dante1122429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Hey Gribble, you know what I find funny? When Microsoft released their numbers yesterday, some loyalists here said "so what, the 360 still leads WW" but when I used Vgchartz to show them that it wasn't leading WW, they said that Vgchartz wasn't reliable lol. Now here they are today going on about the sales as if they're suddenly legit again. I'll get the link.


NastyLeftHook02429d ago

dude you hit the nail on the head.

SilentNegotiator2429d ago

Typical sales chart for Q1-3 of the year, typical comments section.

The fanboys are here to convince us that the OTHER fanboys are more hypocritical than the other, and that the Vita is doing "horrible" at 65K units in a week.

Septic2429d ago

It will be a force to be reckoned with soon. It's game library is impressive and the quality is unprecedented for handhelds. It's early days.

TekoIie2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

NOOO buddy when its WW its about people bragging about how PS3 is beating 360 :3. Thats what I see people looking forward to in every article.

Also vita is bound to not do very well this year. It needs to build momentum. In 2 years it'll have loads of games and more people will be inclined to jump on it since (i assume) it will get a price drop by that time.

TheRealHeisenberg2429d ago

Fanboys, no matter what side of this "console/system war" they are on, will post anything to support their cause.

TBM2428d ago

i posted this in another thread.

people can discount the year plus head start if they want, but what they can't is that the 360 has always been cheaper. so in that regard i personally feel that the 360 is both a success and a failure. success in that M$ did much better with this system than the original, and failure that with its cheaper price its only sitting in the 60 million range when it should have been much higher.

hear me out on this the 360 is ALMOST 7 years old and in that time while being much cheaper than the PS3 it has only amassed 67 million units sold (from what i'm hearing here by some there seems to be overshipping on M$ part), conversely the PS3 is a little over 5 years old and has amassed between 62(as of Dec 11)- 64 (when Sony releases their numbers) million units at a higher price point.

with all the marketing the 360 has had, AND BEING HELLA CHEAPER than the PS3 shouldn't the 360 have been in the 70 million plus range by now?

i had this decision with a friend of mine, and he completely agreed with me and we both have each system, enjoyed games on both.

i wanna add to this i actually believe the system should be in the 80 million range with the cheaper price point from day one over the PS3.

sikbeta2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Vita is going down in sales and I don't see Sony doing anything to step it up, 2 upcaming games will release in May? nothing else WTF!

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C0MPUT3R2428d ago

by losing $500 million dollars for Nintendo.
Reporting their 1st loss in 30 years.

EasilyTheBest2429d ago

The World doesnt equal The World.

NukaCola2429d ago

Probably the most zen comment this article could receive. Well said bro

SilentNegotiator2429d ago

Uhh....oh yeah?! Well, it's still the most important market, so....THERE!

Moncole2429d ago

The Vita isn't doing very well.

Patriots_Pride2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I am not sure who disagreed with you but they need to look at the 3DS sales to see that the VITA needs games ASAP or even a price cut.

The problem with Sony is that they are only focusing on one audience which is the hardcore - I am glad that Sony is focusing on us but at the end of the day Sony is a business and has to pay bills and people.

I took my 14 year old brother to the Movies with 4 of his friends and they were talking about the 3DS and I mentioned the VITA and everyone had that WTF is a VITA look.

Sony needs to market the Vita towards the casuals and come up with a game that would rival Mario, Pokemon or Monster Hunter.

mcstorm2429d ago

I agree with you and I said this in another post.

They could of pushed the PSV with MNR as a Mario kart game for kids with more but not giving it online play on the PSV has killed its sales. The same with Uncharted for the core its had low sales and I think this is part down to no mp. Dont get me wrong they are both good games but have limited game play were Mario Kart 7 keeps me going back to it every now and again.

The need to bring out a LBP and LBP Karting game for the PSV with online play and push it like mad to get the sales of the PSV up as I love the device but the software lest it down at the moment.

Biggest2429d ago

Yeah. Look at the 3DS. Remember when they cut the price by damned near $100 to boost sales? Remember when it was released and it had fewer games than the Vita had on release? Wait. . . What are we looking at again?

AWBrawler2429d ago


I understand your argument and I agree, but you speak as if it's easy to create a rival for Mario. They've been trying it for years.

Genghis2428d ago

Haha mario and monster hunter are casual games? Wtf planet are you living on?

yabhero2428d ago

"Haha mario and monster hunter are casual games? Wtf planet are you living on?"
people think 3DS is only selling because its cheaper, but they are hardcore buying it for Nintendo franchises, monster hunter, resident evil, metal gear solid, kid icarus...

cpayne932428d ago

@yabhero and Ghengis, I don't think he was saying those were casual games, I think he was saying Sony needs to make the Vita more appealing to casuals AND come up with games as popular as mario, pokemon, or monster hunter. I can't imagine anyone thinking Monster Hunter is a casual game, that game is huge and can be hard without friends.

Ezio-Auditore002426d ago

I think there not dropping the price, because Sony said at launch that they were already selling it at a loss

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DigitalAnalog2429d ago

Understandably this is just the first year. But there are a lot of lackluster titles for it such as F1 that looked like a 1st gen PSP game. 3rd Party devs are hardly putting any effort since the lack of 1st party titles trying to exploit the "easy to develop" system as best they can. TBH, the GOW for the VITA would've been a better marketing choice leaving a new IP to the PS3.

Shazz2429d ago

VITA needs more support from developers cmon its a great system

TekoIie2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Its got the support as shown when they revealed the Vita and showed all the devs that would want to make games for it. But the question is where are those games???

SandWitch2429d ago

DS is not doing very well

Sgt_Slaughter2429d ago

Do I even have to say anything on this one...

shackdaddy2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Hmm. Looks like the sky is blue too. Coincidence?

That's like saying it looks like the first xbox isn't doing very well....No offense :)