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Despite a solid run of Nintendo legends on the Wii, some of our favourite characters have still missed out on the chance to appear in the current generation of console. So we at BNBGAMING have taken it upon ourselves to draw up a comprehensive list of franchises that need to make an appearance on Wii U. If we don’t see the below list of Nintendo franchises return in glorious 1080p HD in the next generation, we might just have to fly over to Japan and have a stern word with Mr Iwata and Co.

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Myst2428d ago

I agree with F-Zero *pounds fist on desk* Waited too long for a new iteration! >:(

BnBMartin2428d ago

You're telling me! Who do you race as out of interest? I'm a Pico man myself!

Myst2428d ago

Used to race several people uhm the main one(s) that I remember were: Kate, Leon also James just because of the last name resemblance to Fox :p

2428d ago
PopRocks3592427d ago

Cool with me if Sega doesn't handle the next one. Seriously, enough outsourcing. Didn't work for Star Fox or Metroid either.

Crap_Turtle2428d ago

"There’s no denying that some of the core Nintendo audience has felt a little let down by the Wii’s offerings over the past five years or so. "

This is so wrong........compared to the gamecube, nintendo released hit after hit

BnBMartin2428d ago

I most certainly agree with you - there have been plenty of hits on Wii! But Nintendo has missed out on some key franchises, such as the ones listed above! Please don't read it as me slagging off the Wii's software library because I've had a smashing time with it! I just wish I'd got to play Star Fox or F-Zero!

Crap_Turtle2428d ago

Yeah but any complaining comes off as needy I mean we got

a brand new console mario platformer, first in 15 years

a new sin and punishement

a new kirby console title

a new punch out


Perjoss2428d ago

Wii was never meant for hardcore gamers, the fact it wasn't very powerful (it's basically last gen tech) was your first clue, waggle was your second.

DrPepper2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

how about nintendo buys the rights for killer instinct, banjo kazooie, perfect dark & conker. those need to become nintendo franchises because they are just collecting dust at Microsoft.

PygmelionHunter2428d ago

*Imagines Retro Studios making Banjo Kazooie* ... *Drools*

Summons752428d ago

A new Star Fox would totally have me sold on the WiiU instantly, Zelda is why I'm curious about it but won't decide until more information is. available.

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