First Impression Gameplay of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta (KKEnt)

Kuma Wrote: Greetings gamers, this is your soldier Kuma on the front lines with my first impression of Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game console. If you have access to Splinter Cell Conviction or PlayStation Plus account than you are probably on the battlefield as we speak fighting that multi-player future combat goodness, but for the rest of you that can't; enjoy this quick impression. Inside the multi-player you will be introduced to different objectives ever changing after you complete one, which is pretty cool in the sense that you have to change up your tactics each time for each objective. I am a rifleman and that gives me tougher than my other ghost, so I am more into the "wet work" of the game flushing enemies out, while also laying down my camera scanning the area for enemies.

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