If Consumers Demand a Blu-ray Supported Xbox 360, Will Microsoft Comply?

The format war seems to be settling on whether or not Blu-ray or HD-DVD is the choice for the upcoming years. But what about an Xbox that plays Blu-ray movies?

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CNIVEK3967d ago

Consumers didn't "demand" HD-DVD or Blu-Ray PERIOD...but Sony was the one who forced the issue. If someone REALLY wants a Blu-Ray player, I'm sure they'll buy a standalone or a PS3...but MS would be foolish to fall into that trap. By the time this format war is OFFICIALLY over, MS will have announced their next console, and will no doubt have a new, non-DVD9 solution locked up for their software distribution. Meanwhile, Sony is married to Blu-Ray for however long they ride the PS3 wave...even if nobody cares about Blu-Ray anymore. MS made the right decision in sticking with DVD this gen, and launching a year early. I'd bet their next console will use a combo drive, which their current partner Toshiba (with Samsung), just HAPPENS to manufacture. That, or they'll have a completely new medium that we've not even heard of yet ; in 3-4 years, we're likely to have HD disc capacities of 200GB or more as the NORM, and at an affordable price to boot.

tethered3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Are you saying there was no demand for the HD-DVD add-on?
How many of those did Microsoft sell to 360 owners?

There very well could be demand for a Blu-ray add-on.

YoMeViet3967d ago

Ignore CNIVEK he's still in shock from HD-DVD's death. Leave him be for awhile, at least till he regain himself.

solidt123967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

If there was a demand for the HD-DVD Add on then there will definitely a demand for a Blu-Ray add on since it has more support from studios. Although I don't think MS will get one until it can cost under $200.

unlimited3967d ago

Microsoft fans always get owned..They buy cheap hardware and they expect it to work?? given us everything right out the box from the start.. The best quality hardware, games, and many awesome features...They don't screw us in the end like Microsoft.Always trying to force people to buy add on and pay for their online services.. And to make it worst it does not even work!!

All the HDDVD add on supporters got butt raped for their money..I remember the time they told me Blu-ray is Sony format and it will fail, and now it isn't because its a winner of the format war....

In the end Sony will get big money from Microsoft get over it..

godofthunder103966d ago

when they first came out with br and hd dvd microsoft said that they are supporting hd dvd but if br win it's no big deal they will just start using br.
what people don't understand is that sony doesn't own %100 of br.they own a bigger % then every one else but it's below %50 because they had a lot of other companies that invested it it to and they own a part of br,not as big as sony but they own some.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

YES they would.


because like all you 360ers say.........
MSFT is all about choice. LOL.

it makes me laugh everytime.

Nameless3967d ago

Is Sony all about choice Montoya ? LOL it makes me laugh everytime

Anego Montoya FTMFW3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )


Sony is about getting it done right the first time w/ their HARWARE

and about choice w/ SOFTWARE.


GT5 - Racing
FF13s/WKS - RPGs
God Of War 3- action
LBP- Platformer
Infamous- Sandbox
Killzone 2- FPS
MGS4- stealth action

all in 1st party 08 all exclusive.


I`d say so.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

in 2008,

it won`t be hard to tell the "brainwashed bots" how it is.

seeing is believing.

and weather they admit it or not, they`ve seen and they believe.


is that gonna be the "new thing" you clowns talk about.
get some "real life" acheivements, get some $$$ and see how good things can be.

instead of being stuck w/DVD-7 and now "r.i.p" HD-DVD.

Play B3yond.

spandexxking3967d ago

all of them games that montoya mentioned MAKE ME CREAM!

Leathersoup3967d ago

If only Sony had given you the choice not to install Rootkits on your PC....

Marceles3967d ago

Or the choice to downgrade from Vista

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mintaro3967d ago

if the consumers demand it, MS will add blu-ray, garrr......did they sure bet on the wrong horse

Bill Gates3967d ago

Aaahh HELL NO!!!. M$ will NEVER admit they were wrong, or in this case, that they were stealing from you BABOONS...AHAAHHaHa

Salvadore3967d ago

Where have you been all this time?

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