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CommonSense2403d ago

The new grunts, while certainly cool looking, seem to have deviated a bit too much from the originals.

Paradicia2403d ago

They look awesome. Very feral and pirate-y :L

Oldman1002403d ago

Yah they look fricken scary now, as do the elites.

Jesseas1152403d ago

I liked the old elites better i.e. the ones from halo 1 and 2

CommonSense2402d ago

what's with the disagrees? they haven't deviated from the originals? or is this just the result of some sony trolls who feel the need to grace us with their presence in EVERY halo article? get a life please. i hear killzone 3 is semi-free to play now. lol, go play that.

jvanik2403d ago

I just want to know why the grunts no longer have a facemask considering they don't breath oxygen.

The Meerkat2403d ago

Looks to me like they have a methane hose running to their nose in all the shots. The hump on their back is the tank (that's why they explode).

And please call them 'Unggoy' the term Grunts is considered racist now the war is over. /s

Convas2403d ago

"And please call them 'Unggoy' the term Grunts is considered racist now the war is over. /s"

Bahahahaha! +1

Jesseas1152403d ago

Military spending cuts seem to have forced them to downgrade to a nose hose :)

tigertron2403d ago

Those aren't new pictures.

tigertron2403d ago

Disagree all you like, but these pictures were taken from GI days ago.

Virus2012402d ago

After I read your first comment I went and checked my game informer magazine to see if those pictures were in there and they weren't. Then upon further research I found out that these pictures are in fact new and they were released on April 20th.