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The first Trials game was released back in 2009 and became a surprising success. Trials HD became so popular that the game managed to sell over 2 million units. To this day, Trials HD still ranks as one of the best selling and highest ranked games available on XBLA.

Developer Redlynx has now released the long awaited sequel called Trials Evolution. Can this sequel prove to be as successful as its much loved predecessor?

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Animal Mutha 762402d ago

Awsome game and score is about right but the reviewer is fail for saying the game is too hard and the following statement.

"One of the most hardest levels in the entire game was a tracked called Gigatrack. Most levels in the game can be completed in roughly 2 – 3 minutes. This mammoth track is so long, I failed to complete it in under the 30 minute time limit!"

30 mins! you are crap mate. Don't blame the game because you are gash at it.

Experienced trials riders will eat this for breakfast. I have done this course in approx 8.30 and the world record time is under 7 mins!!

If anything the first 20 or so tracks are too easy. I got gold on all the easy and meds in first session.

kasasensei2401d ago

yep, the game is definitely too easy for the most part. Then comes the extreme tracks... The first 2 tracks are difficult, not extreme, but the others... omg... XD

Psychonaughty2401d ago

I completed the gigatrack in 12 mins and I must say it was the worst track in Trials history, its was absolutely awful, what were they thinking?!

I literally broke a controller it was so bloody long and frustrating (my "a" button no longer works), I am never ever going back to that track again, otherwise the game is great though!