A Boring Start for Gamers in 2008

CNN's David Williams blogs about his opinions of the lineups he saw at CES this year. Among his loaded statments, he concludes that gamers will have a "Ho-Hum start to 2008" and also that while Nintendo's product line-up is streamlined, Sony's is "bloated and confusing".

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Dudeson423965d ago

I find a couple of his statments humorous, but that's just me.

va_bank3964d ago

Your summary is misleading. In the article, when they say "streamlined" and "bloated and confusing" they are talking about number of hardware lines, not games.

Dudeson423964d ago

Yeah, and nowhere did I say that their game line up was being referenced. Reading comprehension is something that I learned in early gradeschool, you must not be there yet. Don't worry, you'll get there someday...

va_bank3964d ago

Just give me the name of the grade school you attended, so I can cross it off my list.

Chris3993965d ago

Sony is an ELECTRONICS/ ENTERTAINMENT company. They have many more divisions aside from SCEI. Movies, music, televisions, etc..

Naturally Nintendo's lineup appears simplified. They make but two things - game hardware and software. That doesn't make their product marquee appear 'streamlined', there's just less to see.

Why you would even compare these companies in such a way is ridiculous really. A better comparison would be Nintendo and SCEI. Journalists are becoming little more than sensationalist mouthpieces nowadays.

- C

Chad Warden3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

The awful start they're having this year is going to continue all the way into 2009 and beyond. The hugely hyped Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom flopped big time, receiving a 3/10 from 1up and Xbox Live has been having some major issues for about 2 weeks now. They had their year in 07 but that was it. Sony and Nintendo will lead the market. Sony just won the format war and they have a killer lineup in store for us PS3 owners this year. And with Home coming, it's the perfect time to go out and buy yourself a PS3.

darx3964d ago

Hugely hyped...where did you hear that?

By the way your avatar is lame!

AngryHippo3964d ago

just shut the f-ck up with your stupid comments about the 360. Stop bringing the console up since you dont care for it at all. All you seem to do is preach bullsh!t. Your just as bad as those Jehovas vitnesses, really annoying and really repetitive with the crap they sprout from their mouths.

lawgone3963d ago

Chad continues with his one-sided fan boy comments. Shocker.

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mintaro3964d ago

i dont really mind the "boring" start to 08, considering it's only been 9 days

Tru_Blu3964d ago

Truer words have never been spoken

P4KY B3964d ago

There have been non-stop hits for the last 6 months, its nice to have a break and see the outside world.

lonestarmt3964d ago

its been nine days? you got devil may cry 4 next month, then killzone 2 and LBP might be hitting before summer. GTA IV maybe in march. A slow start? whatever

witchking3964d ago

Summer is in the middle. I guess you can argue March is early, but GTA IV has been pushed out to April the last time I saw an update on GameStop. The first couple months are slow. No big. There's plenty to play from the deluge that hit in the last three months of 07.

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The story is too old to be commented.