Impressive DemoReel video shows how SimCity would look using CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Enodo has released a DemoReel 2012 video for their cities that were achieved with CryEngine 3. According to the company, the virtual cityscapes shown here made it easy to visualize the changes that would result from a large-scale urban planning project, so that the impact of every design choice could be thoroughly considered, since changing any element of the virtual world is made easier with real-time 3D rendering that lets objects be moved and changes seen immediately. The end result is spectacular and showcases how SimCity would look using CryEngine 3."

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shackdaddy2431d ago

I want this in game form...

Pandamobile2431d ago

CE3 is a hell of an engine.

Gamer19822431d ago

Shame actually gaming wont look this good for at least 10 years. As the problem with cryengines is they release engines too advanced for modern hardware. Hardware is only just catching up to and maxing out their first engine!

Tachyon_Nova2431d ago

That simply isn't true, my PC from 2006 was a mid range one at the time could Max out the first engine (Far Cry + Graphics mods). My mid spec PC from last year can Max out Crysis 2 + graphics mods. Oh and by the way Crysis already looks at least as good as that maxed out. Admittedly a home PC wouldn't be able to handle the full zoomed out City view though, so I'll give you that much.

LightofDarkness2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

There's a certain amount of truth to that. Crysis 2 already looks better than that demo at the near scale, but the scale in general is no where near as large. Those graphics are easily accomplished in CE3, but the overhead of a game world realised around it would probably be the thing that crushes a modern system.

If your game needed to keep track of AI simulations, world physics, quest-lines and events the way that proper sandbox titles do (games like Skyrim, GTA, the original Crysis to a degree etc.) in a world that large, then you can expect that a visual downgrade may be in order.

That zoomed out view, however, is quite achievable. The zoom might not be as smooth, but LOD meshes and scaling take care of that issue quite handily.