Atlus Picks Up Dragon's Crown

ATLUS said today it acquired the North American and Japan publishing rights for Vanillaware's 2D side-scrolling action RPG Dragon's Crown.

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tiffac0082377d ago

Atlus you came through for us again. Thank you!

Larry L2377d ago

Yeah. Thank the gaming Gods for ATLUS this gen. They've published some real gems. They've been a real boon for gamers who enjoy different and quirky, but still high quality games. Games that probably would have never seen the light of day outside of Japan without ATLUS.

But I'm not liking (because it's not made clear) what they mention about the price. "Unfortunately we can't sell it for $40 because of profitability" (paraphrasing). Well......which way are they talking about? I hope he's saying it has to be cheaper, but could he be saying this will be a full $60 retail game? I sure hope not. I mean it looks great, but I'd be an idiot if I spent more than $20 for it.

tiffac0082377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I believe they said, they cannot retail it at $30. So I'm expecting it to be like Disgaea 3 which is at $40.

If at that price I can get both copies for my Vita and PS3 then I see no problems with the pricing. So hopefully this is the case and we don't have to pay for each.

Veneno2377d ago

Yaaaaaaay! I was going to be very depressed if this was not coming to Vita.