IGN- Nine Unannounced Games We Want to Play

With E3 looming, speculation is booming. Editors at the IGN office are starting to wonder what announcements we'll see from developers on the floor and publishers holding press conferences.

For the most part, everyone knows what to expect at this point. A Rabbids and Need for Speed here, a Dead Space or Gears of War there. Rather than wonder which regular, popular franchises will make their likely debut, we dug deep into our hearts and came up with long-lost favorites we'd love to see revisited.

These are the announcements each IGN editor would most like to see in the near future, whether at E3 or beyond.

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Relientk772350d ago

I want Final Fantasy Tactics 2 on consoles

Beast_Master2349d ago

I have been following IGN for a long time and this group of editors have the worst taste in gaming I have ever seen. Not one of these games I could give to poos for. Where are?
Respawn's new game
Bungie's new Game
Gurrilla's new game
Dead Space 3
Jak and Dax 4
Left 4 Dead 3 (was this offically announced)
Portal 3 or Half life 3
Infamous 3
New Castlevania game?

Tsuru2349d ago

Did you not even read the article? These are games that aren't even real but he WANTS TO SEE happen. I have no clue why your talking about games that will probably happen.

kaveti66162349d ago

"IGN sucks because their opinions differ from mine."

MaxXAttaxX2349d ago

Syphon Filter 4

Legend of Dragoon 2

Chrono Cross/Trigger sequel.

On another note. A main title Mega Man X game deserves to be on consoles. Sorry IGN, but to do so only because of the "3D" effect? No. Make it multiplat. Think Rayman Origins.

Ranma12349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I want another Call of Duty !!


..............just joking. i hate call of duty because its killing "variety" in the industry

Myst2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Speaking of The Longest Journey I need to go back, download the first and second game and then finish it.

Well never mind apparently I have it downloaded lol now I just need to finish it.

Ness-Psi2349d ago

the original longest journey is one of my favorite games.

Crap_Turtle2349d ago

tactics II - Advance 2 was just as good, covenant was good, front mission 2089 was happy we got anything S

megaman x i do want

Venox20082349d ago

Bayonetta 2
Viewtiful Joe 3
God Hand 2
Beyond good & evil 2
No more heroes 3
Shadows of the damned 2
Vanquish 2
Conker 2

smashcrashbash2349d ago

If you are going to ask for Viewtiful Joe and God Hand you cannot forget Okami. We NEED one for the PS3 and the VITA.

Venox20082349d ago

yes okami - and for 3DS too! :) I would love to see Okami in 3D

lumley6662349d ago

ff7 remake plz....

hey, i can dream cant i lol

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The story is too old to be commented.