Rockstar quiet on fourth GTA IV trailer rumors

Rockstar is keeping quiet in the face of rumors that a fourth trailer from Grand Theft Auto IV is in the pipeline. The rumor originally appeared on German website However, the site has since removed its article leading to speculation among conspiracy theorists that the report was on the money. Either that or it was just plain wrong.

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Cop_Boy3993d ago

but i guess this game is gonna get delayed again !!!! :(

jcgamer3993d ago

they might be waiting for that...who knows...

mintaro3993d ago

if they're going to show it, that'd be the way to do it

AzaziL3988d ago

I forgot all about the Super Bowl and the hype with commercials. With all the secrecy, it's quite possible that we'll see the final trailer which would be a 1 min (and all of what's left of R*s promo budget) and end with a release date. Maybe we'll all be in for a surprise and see the game on the shelves before March!

eagle213993d ago

U know the drill! Just release in April and the fourth trailer will be forgiven!

Mr Tretton3993d ago

We welcome the millions who will purchase the Playstation 3 to play Grand Theft Auto 4, on the brand the GTA franchise was built on, the Playstation brand. The brand you can trust, that won't bust.

Jack Tretton

jcgamer3993d ago

lol...thank you up...

mesh13993d ago

yeah its a good thing that million of people will be buying the supiror gamin gmachine the xbox 360 for the full game of gt4 unlike the ps3 version ehich will not sell and not have episode 2 and 3 but hey the ps3 trolls shouldbe glad as this is the most promising game coming out for the ps3 this year no game coming out on th eps3 will match gt4.

jcgamer3993d ago

the only TROLL is YOU...are you THAT BLIND...???? And use spell check...

mesh13993d ago

jc gamers ur parents are blind to give birth to a troll like u ur literally a troll from lotr thatr why u spend ur lif eon the net i bet ur acne ridding nHAHAHAHA

jcgamer3993d ago

no comment...I'm above you in every way need to respond further to the likes of're a waste of space...

InMyOpinion3993d ago

Can't wait to see what the exclusive episodic content has in store =) This will probably be my GOTY for '08.

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ban fans3993d ago

I've found the GTA franchise has become a little over rated. Not that it is a bad game, just over hyped. I've owned a couple (GTA III and San Andreas). I usually play through about half the story, then just start randomly shooting people with the sniper rifle and grenade launcher, run from the cops, and cause general mayhem for a while, then never revisit the game again. I guess I just like more story and structured gameplay and direction.

Like I said, just my opinion.

jcgamer3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

they might have addressed that...I'm sure there's many people just like you that want a bit more direction and structure...maybe they took all the way gamers like to play the game into account and cooked up something that could please more gamers and how they like to play...or maybe they have an addictive story that gamers will want to finish all the way through, no matter their preferences...who knows...we'll see...

ban fans3993d ago

It's not like it's a bad game, I like the open world / sandbox nature of it. It just gets old to me after a while. As you said, jcgamer, we'll see.

Oh, and will people please take away mesh1's bubbles for his rampant and annoying fanboyism. He provides no worth while content to this forum.

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