A virtual history lesson or just a shoot-'em-up?

Lifestyle Columnist Ralph De La Cruz writes on South Florida

"When Alexander asked for the video game Call of Duty 4 for Christmas, the only question I had was whether I'd be able to find it. [...] our family is not into any sort of violence. But who could possibly begrudge a man and his boy from killing a few Nazis? [...] But No. 4 has turned out to be much more complicated. That's because it sends you, as British trooper Sgt. John 'SOAP' MacTavish, into the teeth of the Iraqi war. Yep. The war that's going on right now. The one I don't believe we should be fighting. The one I vow my son will never take part in. And there he is playing it out on his Xbox 360. Offing Iraqis for entertainment's sake, as other Americans sacrifice their lives on real-world battlefields. [...] Somehow I found it morally easier to kill Nazis."

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TheTCD3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Let's not mention to the hack that wrote the article that the game takes place during an unnamed year, and features a fictional conflict in a unnamed Saudi Arabian province (but judging by it's location on a real map, is south of the holy city of Makkah al-Mukarramah, or Mecca if you are western) as well as Western Russia and Azerbaijan (none of which could really be confused for Iraq as they are all entirely different countries), eh?

cmcate3991d ago

COD4 is a great, if not excellent, simultated war game, but let's be honest, it's not a substitute for history books, documentaries or verbal accounts that actually share the true horrors and lessons of war.

De La Cruz should wake-up from his morning cup of coffee and tell himself that CoD4 is not the "Iraqi War," as he contends, and that pushing the X button doesn't actually kill real or simulated insurgents. Furthermore, if De La Cruz is against the current, "unrighteous" war, where more than 3,000 citizens of this proud nation have made the ultimate sacrifice so he can be entitled to share his opinion or sit on his couch in peace while others live in daily hell, then he should turn off the TV and video game console, remove the COD4 disk and throw it away, and visit the nearest VA hospital with his son and talk to a soldier who has seen and felt this war with his or her entire being. Then maybe, when he and his son are finished "ooohing" and playing the game, they will realize that the ultimate history lesson is not respawned or simulated but in the eyes of a soldier who has faced death, face-to-face with the enemy.

ban fans3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Is this guy for real? This is just plain ridiculous. Oh, it's OK to kill Nazis but killing these virtual insurgents bothered him? Constantly trying to "rationalize" letting his child play a video game with a "Mature" rating. Wether De La Cruz wants to admit it or not, the average foot soldier for the Nazis were as brain washed as the average modern insurgent. They were/are taught to believe something that was pounded into their head until it became their reality. I'm not defending anyone here. The actions of these groups is deplorable at best. I'm pointing out that war is an unfathomable horror that should not be viewed lightly, regardless of the "evil" at the other end of the gun. In war, people die. Both sides think they are doing the right thing. There are no winners. Good job "educating" your child.

And "almost educational"? Pick up a history book pal. Or better yet, watch the footage taken from WWII. It wasn't anything like what you see on your game system.

And cmcate, well said.

Area_513991d ago

MY little boy needs to learn Sex education, so i'm gone to pop in "Debbie Does Dallas" and give him a stack of Playboys.
Is that guy a nut job or what,I cant belive some of these nut jobs out there.