Bill Gates says goodbye to your mouse

Times Online writes:

"Bill Gates, who built his fortune equipping the personal computer, predicts that the keyboard and mouse will soon become relics.

The founder of Microsoft Corp used his swansong to the technology industry on Sunday to spell out a vision of a "digital decade" of telephones, televisions and cars that respond to voice and touch."

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beaner714813994d ago

will never happen due to computer aided design and gaming.

TriggerHappy3994d ago

Yup, it will never happen. Unless of course there is a device that straps to the hand and replaces the mouse. But even with that, it will take a long time before it reach the masses.

killax35633994d ago

Now he's just speaking crazytalk.

zPlayer3994d ago

bill obviously doesn't relize that ppl use computers for more than business and home.

rawd3994d ago

That's funny, my mouse says bye to Bill Gates.

Cop_Boy3994d ago

Gates please come here and put off the fire on my xbug 360 !!!!!!!!!

mighty_douche3994d ago

in other word "please buy the new M$ touch!".....

riksweeney3994d ago

Unlikely, how am I supposed to write code? Let's try this:

#include <stdio.h>

Hash... (no response)
Pound... (£)
Backspace ()
Sharp (#)
Include (#include)
Space (#include )
Left Bracket (#include ()
Backspace (#include )
Left Angle Bracket (#include <)
Ess (#include <s)
Tee (#include <st)
Dee (#include <std)
Eye (#include <stdi)
Oh (#include <stdio)
Dot (#include <stdio.)
Heach (#include <stdio.h)
Right Bracket (#include <stdio.h))
Delete (#include <stdio.h)
Right Angle Bracket (#include <stdio.h>)

Great, that's the first line done

GIJeff3994d ago

i couldnt imagine doing my work in voice

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The story is too old to be commented.