Trials Evolution Sells 100,000 Copies In 1 Day

Proving that Trials Evolution is poised to be the top selling XBLA title of 2012, developer Red Lynx revealed that the game had 100,000 players on day one.

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ElementX2427d ago

Holy cow! I'll have to check it out. I never played the previous game(s).

mcstorm2427d ago

The 1st one was really fun this one looks even better

Yi-Long2427d ago

... it's absolutely a contender for downloadable game of the year (along with Journey), and one of the very best games in the XBLA library.

I loved TrialsHD, but this is bigger, better, less frustrating, and the editor is AMAZING!

DeleteThisxx2427d ago


Less frustrating? You haven't gotten very far, have you?

Yi-Long2427d ago

... I'm about halfway through the hard levels I think, and it's certainly not as hard as TrialsHD.

Perhaps the Extreme levels will be 'frustrating', but from what I heard from people who have already done them, it's certainly more do-able than those Extreme tracks in TrialsHD. :)


Wooohooooo! :D

green2427d ago

Completely deserves it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32427d ago

Actual numbers? That's how you do it. Don't brag about stuff and can't back it up, lol.

jimbobwahey2427d ago

Exactly, the jackasses at Polytron can suck it with Fez's commercial failure. That's what you get when your lead guy is a complete tool who insults gamers everywhere.

Well deserved success for the Trials team though, they deserve it.

Yi-Long2427d ago

... but I had to save my points for Trials Evolution, knowing THAT'S the game I'll be playing the coming weeks/months!

I'll buy Fez as soon as I can give it the attention it deserves.

StraightPath2427d ago

well Fez is not a type of game that alot of people will be into to begin with...and a 90% metacritic fez did awesome thank you very much.

Dlacy13g2427d ago

the game is ACE... loving it. I hope it sells 100,000 more over the deserves huge success!

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The story is too old to be commented.