Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Treasure Competition Trailer

The latest Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Trailer has been released, which gives details to the Treasure Competition.

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Nate-Dog2426d ago

That's pretty cool, I wish I could draw. =[

turokgames2426d ago

I would enter this if I could but sadly in the same boat.

Abash2426d ago

I need this game now! Looks fantastic

M83_2426d ago

Burn I can! Lol
I can't afford a vita yet I'm too lazy to actually put my ass to work, so my odds aren't lookin too good atm!:(

Nitrowolf22426d ago

This game looks awesome. I didn't get a chance to play Sly 1-3 until the collection, but wow the Sly Cooper series is one of my favorites now.

MySwordIsHeavenly2426d ago

Draw anything we want?

Expect lots of dicks...

r212426d ago

great to see finally see Bently and the Murray in action but what i'd also like is penelope and carmelita.

anyways, imma try and join this, huge fan of sly series :D

M83_2426d ago

I hope sly can sprint. The pacing seems kind of 'off' from the previous games. Like he's not as 'snappy' as he was. This goes for Bentley too when you see him in the wheelchair.
I hope it gets addressed.