Mulling over the Mass Effect 3 ending (Megabits)

The Mass Effect 3 ending had fans in uproar, led to a campaign which raised thousands of dollars for good causes - and demonstrated the power of social media.Here are some thoughts and suggestions on what could have made it better

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Perjoss2400d ago

*punch* *kick* *slap*

angry person: "why are you not reacting to this beating I'm giving you??"

horse: "..."

milohighclub2400d ago

Just finished the game and thought the ending was brilliant. What bioware really need to be worrying about is why the rest of the game was so terrible, by far the worst in the series. Ending was great, in fact half way through the game I had already decided on not buying the next one but after the ending I'm actually really excited to see where their gonna go next with the series.