Activision Responds to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hate

Call of Duty and hatred from the gaming community, as well as consumers in general seems to be synonymous.

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“call of duty sucks” – “Play whatever makes you happy. :) ”

SSKILLZ2404d ago

lol all the haters have been TOLD!

irepbtown2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

He seems very childish to me with the way in which he answered/responded to what I assume are questions/quotes.

The fact is, I want to like COD games. Purely because it is addicting and can be fun to play. However the issue with the engine and so on is a real bugger. Also the price for the maps are pretty ridiculous. Here in the UK its around £10-£15 which in dollars is $16-$24, not at all cheap... They need to take advice/criticism instead of simply saying 'Go play another game'

REALgamer2404d ago

He responded quite intelligently, and I think what he says applies to N4G too.

Many people seem to enjoy posting their hate of certain games or platforms in any article related to those products they hate so much.

Instead, why not show your support for what you do like in relevant articles, rather than what you don't like?

Amazingmrbrock2403d ago

Purely from a psychological perspective; When people think they have made a unanimously correct decision they want to help other people from making the perceived wrong decision.

From a business/consumer perspective some companies are bad companies for whatever reasons. Maybe they use anticompetitive practices, or treat workers poorly, or release products that have more spent on marketing than research and or development, or even because they have poor customer service.

Personally I don't care too much what other people are doing with their money. There are some companies I personally do not support for a number of reasons. Of course I think others should do the same. However I know that convincing people of anything that is not what they have personally decided seldomly works. So I keep my thoughts to myself most of the time. Or if I am referring to them at all it is like his, in a way devoid of pointed fingers and name calling.

It's best to list the problems but not say the name of any companies. They're all guilty in one way or another anyway.

SilentNegotiator2403d ago

Just don't mixed up "bashing" and "criticism" like too many users on N4G do.

Trolls are pretty obvious for the most part.

MrMister2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

People who dont play COD anymore, yet still hate it, do so because of the potential harm that Activision's practices cause to the gamer community/game publishing industry as a whole:

I think the reason why people hate COD even though they still refuse to buy it anyway, is because Activision's scheme of ripping off gamers for money, and their lame arcade style re-ash gameplay are being copied by other game publishers who NOW wonder how far they can push a crappy product, or change our beloved franchises into COD clones. Example: Have you seen the new multiplayer footage o Far Cry 3? That series had some awesome hardcore MP, but now it's been turned into another cheaply made COD clone (at least just the multiplayer).

Activision's business practices are also infecting the franchises we love in a negative way since more and more companies are talking about following the trend of COD Elite and are talking openly about charging us yearly subscription fee's. COD has done nothing but push the limits of absurdity when it comes to selling people re-hashes over and over, and finding new ways to get more money out of consumers. They never bother to innovate in gameplay (look at how Activision ruined Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, and now COD), yet always takes time to innovate on new ways to take the money of mindless teens and mentally slow adults (because any grown man still buying this stuff at $60 a pop is pretty mentally slow).

tigertron2404d ago

Well said MistaDonzie, bubbles to you good sir.

I haven't bought a COD since COD4, but I have played the sequels and just hate the recycled gameplay and Activision's business practices.

Other games of a higher standard get pushed to the side so the hipsters can play the latest annual installment of COD. Such a shame really.

VideoGameJimmy2404d ago

@tigertron what does hipsters have to do with COD? If anything they wouldn't play COD because it's mainstream

Ashunderfire862403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

You sir are wrong about Far Cry 3, it plays like all the other Far Cry games, but its now a little faster in the MP gameplay department. Does that really make it Call of Duty? NO!!!! Call of Duty is not known for Map creators anyway.

snipes1012403d ago

So, let me follow your logic here. Activision makes an utterly unique product with Call of Duty 4 (remember, the perk and leveling up system in an FPS was a relatively novel idea at that time) and it is a runaway success. Given this, they proceed to put out sequels very similar to the original for the next 5+ years.

Other publishers, seeing CoD's success, start telling their developers to emulate that franchise to get their own piece of the pie, rather than try to make something unique. When these developers try this and sacrifice their artistic integrity, you blame Activision, rather than the publishers and developers that are willing to sell their souls to try to get in on the action. Where is the logic?

Following your train of thought, if a kid goes and shoots up a school, it must be the fault of the violent video game he played or the Schwarzenegger movie he watched earlier that day.

It is hardly Activision's fault that these idiot publishers are too dumb to realize that you dont become a success by imitating, you become one by innovating.

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Statix2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I hate MW3 more than most people. But COD haters can come off sounding COMPLETELY retarded at times. Literally, they sound mentally retarded.

I play BF3, and love it. I still haven't bought MW3. But I don't whine in blogs or forums about how much "COD sucks" or "Activision is greedy." I just enjoy what I enjoy; I'm too busy enjoying BF3 to bash MW3. Even if you MUST bash MW3, at least do it in a reasonable, logical manner.

Vote with your wallet, not your keyboard.

Bladesfist2403d ago

your telling people to vote with their wallets lol. I have not bought a recent cod, do I think activision noticed nope. Voting with your wallet just does not work with a game like COD.

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Patriots_Pride2404d ago

Call of Duty is awesome.

Cant wait to see what COD will do with next gen tech!

Prince_Dim-Lu2403d ago

It won't what?

Funny to see that COD is on the hotter games list over BF3 these days on this sites main page.

Also love to see the hate of all the COD games, yet nobody has a problem with Madden after Madden game, or MLB the Show after the show game.

Maybe if COD started dipping into the mid to low 80's in review scores, then maybe you can say it sucks.

h311rais3r2404d ago

If it hasn't taken advantage of this gens tech what makes you think it will for the next?

Intentions2404d ago

They will be using this gens tech for next gen lol.

MrBeatdown2404d ago

If you can't see the massive difference between Call of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare 3, you need your eyes checked. It's come a long way. And they implemented split screen, which is no easy feat.

Genghis2404d ago

Nah, it's a fine game. Well developed and provides a memorable experience.

People just hate on something because it's a trend.

Tapioca Cold2404d ago

I'm not a huge COD fan, (in fact, i don't even play it) but how can all of you say that this game does not take advantage of current gen tech.

Serioulsy, how?

Modern Warfare was awesome and a beast in terms of graphics. It was 'the' multiplayer to get this gen.

Man, that is just proof of how dishonest and biased all of you are in terms of gaming in general.

You are weak and immature if you can not give credit where it is due.


DasTier2404d ago

@MrBeatdown they impliented splitscreen? You realise most good games FPS have had split screen as commonplace since the 90's? Golden eye, Halo, etc.

Also more funnily COD 3 had splitscreen online, but didn't they take it out in the recent ones? and now theyre advertising it as being a new feature! God this company is a joke !

DasTier2404d ago

@ Tapioca Cold Hmmn I don't think in hindesight you can argue modern ware fare was the multiplayer to have this gen when it had a life for most people of one year until the next in the annual series came out, Being honest I had a much better time in the multiplayers of Halo 3, Bad Company 2 and even last gen games like COD 1 & 2. Did you ever see the marketing campaign of Bulletstorm, they gave out a game which parodied COD and it hoghlighte all the issues in the newer iterations of the series, Crappy level layout, poor plots, the games feel very unimmersive, the Halos and bad companies gave you a freedom to approach levels how you see fit, On foot, by vehicle, sneak past them, none of this could be done in the COD games. WAW added vehicles to their multiplayer which improved the variety in the games, but after this they were never seen again. It's almost as if stagnancy is encouraged by activision. While innovation and creative are tossed to one side. Most people buy COD s due to it being a household name assossiated with games consoles, also the fact that their advertising campaigns are massive. Nothing really due to the quality of the game. However I've gone off topic a little here, the main point I wanted to make was that while COD 4 was good, they have been annually releasing SLIGHTLY CHANGED versions of that game since 2007 and charging full price for it. Credit was definatly due for COD 1,2 & 4. But the more recent versions get far more credit than they deserve from reviewers like IGN or Gamespot, and it seems that the gaming world is finally starting to realise they've been duped.

MrBeatdown2403d ago


And yet, tons of games that would be great with split screen don't have it. Battlefield doesn't have it. Medal of Honor doesn't have it. Homefront doesn't have it. Crysis doesn't have it. Bulletstorm doesn't have it. Mass Effect 3 co-op doesn't have it. Most racing games don't have it. Assassin's Creed MP doesn't have it. Max Payne won't have it.

Like I said, implementing it is no easy feat, otherwise it would be far more common than it is. There's a reason CoD3 had it and other CoD games didn't. CoD3 didn't look anywhere near as good as CoD4 and later games. Obviously it's far more difficult to get split-screen working in a more visually demanding game.

And like I said, anyone who can't see how far the game has come is flat out delusional...

Call of Duty 2 on 360...

Modern Warfare 3 on 360...

"hasn't taken advantage of this gens tech"

Funny stuff. Haters gonna hate.

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that's like coloring shit in gold

Awesome_Gamer2404d ago

fuck call of shitty. it will destroy the next-gen just like what happened this gen with developer ruining beloved franchises trying to mimic their succes

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GameGuy2404d ago

COD 3 is the best FPS ever.

Fylus2404d ago

I think when people saw the "3" in your comment, they assumed you were talking about MW3, not the original Call of Duty 3. Even so, they're are MANY FPS games out there that are much better than CoD3.

rezzah2404d ago

Even the original COD3 was terrible.

A very likely reason as to why is that another developer worked on it, it was IW.

This is why, imo, COD 1,2, and 4 are the only good CODs.

dark-hollow2404d ago

Cod 2 and 4 are still the best cod games hands down.

Anon19742404d ago

Those were my favourites as well. I did thoroughly enjoy MW3 though. I'm really surprised they would respond to the haters at all, especially considering how long the game has been out. Obviously they're in the minority.

Eyeco2404d ago

With the ammount of cod games on the market I'm not sure I can remember COD2

ninjahunter2404d ago

Well, I thought it was a clever joke.

Captain Qwark 92404d ago

he won all those arguments. well done dude. im not crazy about cod but its def a great game, just not for me.

Statix2404d ago

I disagree about MW3 being a "great game," but I do agree that he won those arguments.

NYC_Gamer2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Activision is no different from any other publisher/salesman...profit is their only concern/keeping the share-holders happy...look around many companies are on the nickle and dime express/milking franchises like no tomorrow.

vega2752404d ago

yeah i agree all companies care about is money and how to increase their profits on the backs of their fanbase by ripping them off. i don't like activision cause of CoD. but i hate EA and capcom even more with their shitty business model. but the guy is right about "Play whatever makes you happy" which is a reason why i haven't brought a CoD games in three years.