2012 is a ‘Relaunching Year’ For PlayStation Move

SCE Canada’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Matt Levitan, talks to Game Rant about Sorcery and upcoming unannounced "core" Move titles coming to E3 2012.

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DA_SHREDDER2345d ago

I really wish there was an analog stick, and I also wish the Navigator had a glowing orb thingy

Patriots_Pride2345d ago

Why would you want another glowing ball - I would rather it had no glowing ball.

I love my Move but the control design can be a little embarrassing when you have guess over.

Soldierone2345d ago

Embarrassing is a Star Wars Dancing game. haha

from the beach2345d ago

Wow, a relaunching one-and-a-bit years in?

Hopefully House of the Dead 4 and Sorcery back to back will give it some new momentum. Oh, and his reason for the Sorcery delay is utterly lame, to "make it more adult and darker", lol, like Harry Potter?

GameRant2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

While the feedback to the 2010 Sorcery unveiling was mostly full of excitement, people noticed repetition and other issues and Sony wanted to address all of that before starting on the wrong foot.

I guess we'll see the result soon.

DOOMZ2345d ago

KINECT rocked its world! The Move needs a relaunch...

2345d ago
cstyle2345d ago

The dead is trying to rise again?

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