Apple and Valve to Crush the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms? - Unscripted Access Episode #4

"Crysis 3 emerges among the industry, Apple and Valve meet to possibly collaborate on upcoming video game console, Halo 4 receives an official release date, the God of War franchise expands upon the current trilogy with God of War: Ascension, and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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NYC_Gamer2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Valve isn't teaming up with Apple to release any console...the visit prob has more to do with all the Mac support on Steam..

Crap_Turtle2432d ago

I wont click on the link, because I wont support sensationalism

morganfell2432d ago

Valve has already stated it didn't happen but here is one more site, not serving the gaming community but rather their own hit hungry needs. Didn't click this time and never clicking this site again.

miyamoto2432d ago

Good Call. They are desperate for clicks.

Wigriff2431d ago

It was already confirmed that Gabe Newell and Valve didn't meet with Apple. http://www.computerandvideo...

I swear to the bushes, i'm going to write a bullshit, speculative, sensationalist article on how Panasonic is going to DOMINATE by releasing the 3D0 2, just so I can watch it get to 800 fucking degrees on n4g. :P

mistajeff2431d ago

Yeah, definitely not teaming up for a console. Even disregarding the fact that the visit didn't happen-- Valve keeps pushing for Sony and Microsoft to open up their consoles, and Apple likes to keep their ecosystem as tightly closed as possible. It just wouldn't work.

cjflora2431d ago

There is no way Valve would team with Apple to make a console. They like open consoles where they have freedom to do what they want. Apple would never give them the freedom they want.

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listenkids2432d ago

Valve games dominate on PC, a platform for it's fans. Apple dominate the mobile market. I don't see a PC gamer or casual pocket gamer buying a console when it's clear what they're interested in, no?

BitbyDeath2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

If Valve were to team up with anyone it'd likely be Google.

Xristo2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Yah, just like Sony had "no chance" when Nintendo said no to their CD expansion which later became a Playstation....

Don't sell a company as successful as Valve so short...

TekoIie2432d ago

Valve make good games but that doesn't mean they could be successful in producing a console. Although Valve has probobaly got "the most liked games" for a single publisher meaning that if those were to be exclusives for a Valve platform it would defo put up a BIG fight for its competition.

Xristo2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

@ Pekolia

I "agreed" and 100% agree with your post. I will not say that Valve WILL/WOULD make a console better than any competition but they definitely understand gaming and know what the consumer wants. My above post was just to prove that people laughed at Sony when they first announced the Playstation and said that Nintendo and Sega had the market on lockdown. They proved so many wrong....who's to say another company can't do the same?

chukamachine2432d ago

Android dominate the mobile market i'm afraid.

Apple 30% share US market
Android 50% share US market

Not quite sure why people rush to iphone anyway, Samsung galaxy s2 shits all over iphone4s and then some,lol

MysticStrummer2432d ago

Yeah it's funny that iPhone is considered sort of a status symbol by so many when it's really not as good as other phones. Humans are stupid.

shackdaddy2432d ago

Well, I'm not supporting any company but iOS is on one phone (the iphone) while Android which works on multiple phones from different companies.

It's pretty obvious that they are dominating because it's basically every phone that isn't an iPhone...

Octo12431d ago

Just because it has the larger share does not mean quality. Don't get me wrong. I think for finding a good app on iTunes is about the same on Google Play. I do tech support for Android games and I am sorry but Android as a whole is one friggin' mess! Its the only platform I know that you can download an app that is compatible today and not tomorrow :S Try answering someone emailing you asking why Tiny Tower was working yesterday but today after an update deems their device "not compatible". That's not cool specially if you've already made in app purchases :S
Android has a lot of good ideas and I get the "Freedom" for developers and hobbyist but holy crap! The execution is terrible. Say what you will about Apple being too restrictive and have too many rules when it comes to iTunes. At the end of the day I'd rather know that an app I download will work and will continue to work down the road.

Fylus2431d ago

That happens a very small majority of the time and it's the developer of the apps fault, not the Android OS.

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