Get $5 Off Kid Icarus: Uprising At Best Buy For Showing Your 3DS In Public

One thing’s for sure, someone in that picture is PUMPED and it’s not Reggie. He’s been showing off his 3DS since before it was cool. Apparently it’s cool now. According to Nintendo’s official Twitter account, you can get $5 off of Kid Icarus: Uprising at your Best Buy store of choice. All you have to do is connect to Nintendo Zone on your handheld while in the store. You may a bit apprehensive about showing a cashier a coupon on your “fashionable” device, but let’s face it: we’ve all done more embarrassing things for much less than $5.

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L6RD7BLU32377d ago

What a disgrace don't people care about public nudity, you can't just go around flashing your devices wherever you like, cover that stuff up LOL XD!

_Aarix_2377d ago

Thats actually not too bad of an idea. Unless of course youre getting it as a gift then hey its just $5