‘The Binding Of Isaac’ Hits 500K Copies Sold

Edmund McMillen has revealed that the roguelike he made with Florian Himsl, The Binding of Isaac, has hit 500k sales altogether.

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NYC_Gamer2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Perfect...because The Binding Of Isaac deserves all of the success....hope we get more type of these games based around religious myth...maybe the studio should have contacted Sony instead of Nintendo for the console port.

Moncole2192d ago

More people should buy this game, its 5$ you cant go wrong.

kesvalk2192d ago

except for the luck-based gameplay, this game is a blast.

it deserves more than 500k

Patriots_Pride2192d ago

I have no clue what this game is about but judging from the picture can I say that Isaac was molested.

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