Game Director Stig Asmussen “Doing Cool Stuff” at Sony Santa Monica, Not God Of War: Ascension

Sony Santa Monica may be hard at work on a new God of War game, but with another director at the helm, what does that mean for GOWIII head Stig Asmussen? - PSLS

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cervantes2402433d ago

It would be great if SCEA Santa Monica was working on GOW Vita.

doctorstrange2433d ago

With some kinda connection to Ascension, although it doesn't suit the franchise to have multiplayer, so I don't know what.

egidem2433d ago

Exactly. The problem is that most developers think that multiplayer is the way to go. For example, Dead Space 2 really didn't need a multiplayer segment. It's like installing an engine to a shopping trolley - could work, but not necessary really.

Persistantthug2433d ago

The problem is.....
Most people forget about CO-OP splitscreen & and/or ONLINE CO-OP

GOD OF WAR games could easily do very well with CO -OP mulitiplayer modes.

Same with Dead Space, btw.

MaxXAttaxX2432d ago

2 or more Kratoseses on the same screen... I don't know. Kinda silly.

IRetrouk2432d ago

Kratos and his brother would work

HBK6192432d ago engine on a shopping trolley sounds AWESOME!!!!

Sign me up!

wolokowoh2432d ago

They could something like MLB/Warrior's Lair does or they could go the the Resistance: Retribution and Resistance 2 route where R2 "infected" Retribution and added game functionality.

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Rage_S902433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

No, a new franchise would be "great".

Deeloc2432d ago


Ult iMate2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Exactly. Can they give the spartan some deserved rest and try something new with Narico? I'm not telling to stop making GoW - I'm a big fan of franchise, but c'mon - there's an unfairly forgotten red haired beast.
Maybe Heavenly Sword for Vita? Please?

gatormatt802432d ago

My guess is Stig is at work on the next true sequel to GoW3, which IMHO is gonna be GoW4 on the PS4.

joab7772432d ago

Yep. Seems most likely. Have it ready for early 2014. Or, it is the next big game for the ps4, but i doubt it's something for the ps3...maybe. I'm guessing that most big reveals that will be the last launch of titles before next gen will be shown this year at E3 so we will see. Next years E3 may will b all ps4. U don't really wanna release a huge game for ps3 next to ps4 launch unless u r trying to hedge ur bets. It would be risky. I am very interested to see how next gen works because unlike other gens, this gen can still do alot. It won't be abandoned, i don't think. Will games be relased on both? Will it mostly be downloads titles or digital retail at slashed prices? It will be interesting.

Rageanitus2432d ago

you never know.... sony might impose them to make a cross play game.

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Sev2433d ago

Stig did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see what he's working on.

kratos1232433d ago

I trully agree with you, i really loved 3 and in all his intervieuws he stayed pretty humble and critical about himself and the game that's how real profesionals work

garos822432d ago

i concur. he did an amazing job and i saw all the "makings of" and "behind the scene" stuff. it seems like a cool place to work there. the only thing i didnt enjoy much in gow3 was the story but as far as gameplay and graphics were concerned i was in contant awe!

DasBunker2432d ago

graphically and artistically yeah.. but in other aspects the GOWII director made a better game IMO

Hoje03082432d ago

Corey crafted a better story in GOW 2 and Ghost of Sparta.

MySwordIsHeavenly2432d ago

No way. The weapon balancing, overall combat fluidity, boss battles, and story were all better.

leahcim2432d ago

he and his crew gave to us the best graphics of this generation with GOW 3 .

And tha was 2 years ago!!

Kingdom Come2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

After his fantastic direction in God of War III, I can't wait to see what he's developing next. Hopefully we'll get an announcement at E3 2012.

Kur02433d ago

I want to see a new IP

sikbeta2433d ago

His doing cool stuff and it's not related to GOW:A, what could it be?

Seem like a new IP is coming :D

Aclay2433d ago

"So that begs the question, what is he doing? Could Sony Santa Monica be doing what Naughty Dog are doing and splitting up to work on two high profile games at the same time?"

Around the time when God of War 3 first came out (or shortly just before), in an interview Jon Hight confirmed that they had 2 new projects in the works. So YES, they've been working on 2 games for quite a while now.


Chitown712912433d ago

It was probably this and Datura, the move game...

DaveMan2433d ago

SSM said they were working on a AAA new ip earlier last year. (that's why many people originally thought the last of us was going to be developed by ssm, before it was confirmed as naughty dog).

Datura is a way smaller scale game, and only a handful of ssm employees are helping out. Hell, ssm helps out with nearly every sony game (like at starhawk, heavenly sword, etc.)

Redempteur2432d ago

Santa monica is only helping Datura ..

just like santa monica only helped journey..

And just like santa monica helped with starhawk, escape plan, sound shapes and plenty of other stuff ..

Datura is from "Plastic" in this case with some help from them..

Chitown712912432d ago

LOL oops! My bad guys, but yea they are a very talented studio

Simon_Brezhnev2433d ago

I hope they are. I think their staff is bigger than Naughty Dog too. Hell Santa Monica helped out with most of Sony exclusives this gen.

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