Sketch Nation Studio's Nitzan Wilnai: Changing The Face Of Game Development

Chris Buffa (Modojo): I've always wanted to get into game development, but lack the programming skills to make this dream a reality. At least that's what I tell myself to sound ambitious. Want the truth? I'm lazy, disinterested with going back to school and would rather drool over Sofia Vergara on TV than crack a book, unless said book contains pictures of Sofia Vergara. There's a sneaking suspicion I'm not alone, and that's why Sketch Nation Studio is so appealing. Here's an app that strips away the unsavory elements of design for what's most important: drawing characters and sweet backgrounds. You can literally have a game up and running in minutes, and if you're especially brave, submit this title for approval, whereupon which the team at Engineous Games may or may not approve it and publish the game on the App Store. You can even make a profit, providing people buy it.

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