Brink developer's next moves: Free-to-play publishing, backend support

Brink studio Splash Damage has unveiled big plans to Gamasutra for the future of the company, as it attempts to achieve vertical integration through the founding of two new companies.

The company also revealed that it is planning a studio-wide transition to Unreal, marking the first time in 10 years that Splash Damage has not used id Software technology for a project.

WarChest is a brand new video games publisher founded by Splash Damage, while Fireteam is the company's own online services operator. Through this trio of outfits, Splash Damage is now looking to fund, develop, operate and publish its own free-to-play games, as well as titles from outside developers.

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Pandamobile2433d ago

Or Brink 2 will be F2P which probably wouldn't be a bad route for it.


uh-oh... so basically APB 2...

Pandamobile2433d ago

What? How is that related at all? APB was a critical and commercial failure that killed the company that produced it.

Brink may not have been a smash hit, but it hasn't destroyed Splash Damage.

They just started up a F2P publishing division.


calm down, i actually loved Brink! i played it WITH the lag too and i wished it would get patched... BUT! if it did turn into something like that ME PERSONALLY see a APB 2. i asked about Brink 2 because i want one

BattleTorn2433d ago

There are two names in the gaming industry that I will probably always remember for misleading me about how awesome their game *was going* to be.

Tim Willits - RAGE.
Sam Wedgwood - BRINK.

Ironically, they were the two games of 2011 with the iconic ALL-CAPS name-logos.

BattleTorn2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I did too. But they didn't live up to how hyped I got by these two guys in their Dev.Diaries.

I also buy way more games than my friends, so it hard to get them to play something with me when it hasn't done so well.

This was the case with BRINK. I liked it, but I couldn't convince anyone I know to buy it, and play it with me, cause I knew they wouldn't like it.


yeah thats the problem right there. i havent checked in on BRINK lately but has it been patched ?

kesvalk2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

you forgot Peter Molineux...

BattleTorn2432d ago

LOL, he could definitely be deserving of being on that list.
Fortunitely, I never bought into his hyping.

ShoryukenII2432d ago

Both were published by Bethesda.