The Angry Video Game Nerd on Zelda

An unreleased video from way back in 2006, nothing has changed since then and The Nerd is still trying to figure out what the deal is with Hyrule. See the original Chronologically Confused video at

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MK_Red3933d ago

I did notice that this vid is out sooner that usual and not long after the previous AVGN.
It's indeed an old vid since it's better than newer ones, is longer and is actually funny in some parts :)
Still, AVGN FTW!

liquidsnake3933d ago

hahaha really nice. I've never been interested on the timelines, just think the individual storys are good enough.

lynx1halo3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

its not as funny to me unless he sounds pissed off ......
...oh and I despise ZELDA

GodsHand3932d ago

Just give me the Hook Shot, thats all I need.

Tarmgar3932d ago

Truly one of the big franchises that has one of the worst and messed up story lines EVER. AVGN FTW.