Sony 'fesses up about new Aibo rumours, J. Mark Lytle, 09 Jan 2008:

"It's been a month since Stuff magazine teased us with that mock-up of what a next-generation Aibo might look like, but we've still heard nothing official on the possibility of a return for the robot pet and its new PlayStation interface.

Admittedly, no one ever said the 'Aibo PS' pooch was real but it received such widespread media coverage, just had to follow it up this week once the good people of Sony Japan returned to work after the holidays."

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DolphGB3969d ago

It was always just a rumour based on an interview by Kotaku with Masaya Matsuura. I would love a PS3-related Aibo, but it sits pretty low on my 'likely-to-happen' list...

damnwrx3969d ago

Just the price scares the hell out of me.

Kakkoii3969d ago

There's been a lot of rumors about Sony selling the Aibo and Qrio department to Toshiba.

I think I even saw it confirmed somewhere..

Anyways... If it's true.. Toshiba get working on the damn Qrio again. It was full of Epic Awesome +9 LULZ