Prototype 2 PS3 review scores 9/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine UK

So, good then. The online embargo for the full Prototype 2 review isn’t until 4pm on the 24th so you’ll have to wait for the full details. In the meantime I can share a few choice cuts of what our reviewer had to say.

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Cajun Chicken2404d ago

Oh god. I'm so hyped for this game. I played through the original again a month ago just to get used to the brand of chaos that is Prototype.

Prototype is the new Crackdown folks, no doubt about that. It's Crackdown and Destroy All Humans in a marvelous, tendril blood covered swiss roll.

Convas2404d ago

This! Definitely not a day one, but I'mma going to rock NYZ over the summer doldrums.

time2die2404d ago

Went into Blockbusters this morning[pre/order] Radnet edition whatever that is and ?

No way the guy was going to give it me but im looking forward to some mass destruction come next tuesday

-Alpha2404d ago

Blockbusters still exists?

Adexus2404d ago

I think it's got like 3 9/10s so far, or one of them might be a 4/5, but still looking supremely awesome!

VanillaBear2404d ago

Still looks like crap to me

Just like the first one.....a game with no story, interesting character or a city full of life, just a smash, destroy and kill game......oh and with the biggest feature...."2x more blood" /s

Zynga2404d ago

Blah blah blah play the damn game first!

VanillaBear2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Knowing how Activision hardly improve their games....I already have

It's called Prototype

2404d ago
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