EA aware of ProStreet PS3 glitches

EA is well aware its December Need For Speed ProStreet patch is irreparably corrupting PS3 and PC versions of the game.

This doesn't mean a fix has been found, but the developer is narrowing the problem down and ambitiously predicts it will have something to say about it tomorrow.

"It frustrates us just as much that our great fans aren't able to have an enjoyable experience with ProStreet because of issues such as these," responded an EA moderator on the official forums.

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Zhuk3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

The problem is not EA, it certainly isn't ProStreet. The problem is Sony and the PS3 and the horrible (yes horrible) design of the PS3.

They intentionally made it far more difficult to design games on that system because they put their own commercial interests over the interests of gaming and the developers. The PS3 is undoubtedly the worst designed console I have seen since the CD-i, and the most dev unfriendly console since the Saturn. Not only is the CELL and RSX and the RAM inferior to the Xbox 360s, the architecture of the system also causes a lot of development headaches.

Another area where Sony always gets it wrong is with the SDK's and dev tools they have provided for the PS3, they are just garbage compared to the quality of the dev tools Microsoft provides with the Xbox 360.

The PS3 is a disaster of epic proportions, comparable to disasters like the Hindenburg, Operation Market Garden, the Battle of Verdun or the Exxon Valdez. Hopefully Sony will learn their mistakes and design a decent console with the PS4 when it comes out in a few years

mighty_douche3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Please explain the PC glitches then because my PC is easily 4-5 times more powerful than the 360.

Reported as SPAM, please try and stay on topic.

eitherway, EA do it again, i guess weak developers prefer weak platforms.

gamesR4fun3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

lol spoken like a true moron :D
well stick to flaming here online gaming is better off without you.

Has for this well what can i say its EA.

xg-ei8ht3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

So he hasn't played mass effect yet. That explains it.

Zhuk, i'm kinda thinking your about 12years old.

Its nothing to do with the dev tools etc for the system, i know your comparing to microsoft, the 360 might as well have a winxp stamped on it, because thats all it is, a pc in a box.

Sony took a different route, same as they did with the ps2, and once the ps2 was tammed, well i think we know how that ended up.

I know the 360 hasn't been getting much press lately. Or good press.

But i'll tell you this for free.(just like psn)

360's life expectency is getting shorter and shorter as the days pass.

Another thing is, you really don't know much about hardware do you?

Ram in the ps3 is superior in many ways to 360, this is well known and well documented.

You knock the ps3, but what game since gears of war on the 360 has stood out, answer = none.

Mass effect, ran very poor because the system does not have the muscle to pull it off. Thats a simple fact you need to get used to.

I hear you scream in your childish voice, Bioshock. A game that has no view distance whatsoever, runs easily on older hardware on pc. Water fx that are poor, due to the limited unreal engine.

If your talking sports games, your talking E.A.

E.A pumps out the same games again and again, everyone moaning about 30fps ps3 60fps 360. Don't forget the first madden was 30fps on 360.

Nothing comes close to uncharted on 360, and as the 360 has been out ayear longer, i really don't expect it to. After the blu-ray and hd-dvd news this week, can you really expect the 360 to dominate anything.

The real Question should be, Can the ps3 catch the wii.

duarteq3913d ago

Why is the title " EA aware of ProStreet PS3 glitches" and not "EA is well aware its December Need For Speed ProStreet patch is irreparably corrupting PS3 and PC versions of the game." ?

Baba19063913d ago

Are you surpised EA s games have glitches? they are the worst i have seen in the last few months

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