Street Fighter 4: scans with a strange female character

The latest edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu delivers the good news with these pages dedicated to the fighting videogame Street Fighter 4 in development for one/many unspecified platform(s). The scans announce the arrival of an all-new strange female character.

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v1c1ous3993d ago

wow...generic name is generic

AuburnTiger3993d ago

What pisses me off about this game is the fact that they showed a badass preview (ink cinematics) but then produce nonsense. Street Fighter should have stopped at II

Skerj3993d ago

No, the alpha series and 3rd Strike kick ass. Ono is trying too hard to replicate II which is where ironically your problem lies.

Skerj3993d ago

I love her art style but she looks totally ripped from KoF. She kind of looks like Vice and Mature. ..

lonestarmt3993d ago

dang it I was going to say the same thing. Oh well, you get an agree though.

nirwanda3993d ago

poison from final fight